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WhatIfSports: Revisiting Celtics/Team USA

We posed the question about a week ago, and judging by the over 600 votes, you even cared: who would win a seven-game series, the Boston Celtics or Team USA?

The most popular answer was a Team USA sweep. The next most common answer was Team USA in five games, so they were overwhelmingly the people's choice. Then again, despite needing at least six games (seven for the... Hawks?) to beat everyone in their championship run, more than a couple dozen crazed Boston fans individuals picked the Celtics in four or five games over Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Chris Paul, and company.

Since we're unlikely to get these teams on the court in the next few weeks, we got the next best thing: The geniuses at WhatIfSports kindly ran a simulation, 1000 times in fact, and determined a most common result.

Here's the WhatIfSports verdict on NBA champs versus international favorites.

Hint: Their result is the same as my guess/vote. Nice.