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Saturday Bucks Notes

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  • Charles Gardner catches up with Michael Redd. Redd says that John Hammond called last month and told him that he had not initiated any trade talks, but Hammond isn't making any promises either.
    "It's the least you can do, to speak to someone, because of who he is and what he means to the organization," Hammond said of his call to Redd and Skiles' visit to Ohio. "The purpose of the discussion was just to talk to him about the player he is and has been for the organization.

    "We are going to continue to look to improve this team, through the three procedures of the draft, free agency and trades.

    "The free-agent market is not as available to us, so for us, the most realistic way to improve our team is through trades, if and when a trade becomes available."
  • Head over to 540 ESPN audio library for a bunch of recent Bucks interviews, including Michael ReddDesmond Mason, Charlie Bell, and Jon McGlocklin.
  • Jim Paschke writes about the Bucks' tailgate at Miller Park last week.
    Both Hammond and Skiles were very moved by the number of fans that would endure bad weather to talk Bucks basketball during the off-season. Hammond told the crowd that it was unsettling in a great way that they had this much interest in a 26-win team. John said that their loyalty and dedication should be paid back with a hard-working, successful team.
  • Ty at Bucks Diary is all about Kevin Love.
    I know I'm sticking my arms, legs and everything else into the buzzsaw by recommending Love, but I'm more than willing to do so. If he flops, you can rip me forever, because you know what? I'd rather be wrong about a guy with a proven track record of production than some skinny guy from Louisiana who hasn't done diddly in his career but is in the lottery because he's "long" and seems athletic.
    As you might have noticed over the past few weeks I've been coming around on Love in a big way, especially given his promising combine results in Orlando where he also confirmed that he's got the size to play power forward in the NBA. But at this point I'd have to guess that Love's probably going to be gone by the time the Bucks pick--Minnesota could pick him as high as third or trade down a few spots, while Memphis could also use a big man to pair with Rudy Gay and their slew of young PGs. Moreover, it's unclear whether the presence of Yi Jianlian (and to a lesser extent Andrew Bogut) will have a tangible impact on the Bucks' willingness to take another big man.
  • Not to be gossipy, but our buddy Chuck over at RealGM reports that Anthony Randolph had dinner with Scott Skiles and Kelvin Sampson at the Capital Grill last night. No word if any of the other players were also there.
  • It's official: former Bucks coach Terry Porter is now the man in Phoenix. Good luck, Terry.