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Friday Notes: Bogut signs, Ersan back to Barca, Kwame works out

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  • Andrew Bogut was in town to officially sign his new extension, and Dan Walsh provides all the video goodies over at Sportsbubbler. Charles Gardner recaps Bogut's big day at the JS. 
  • Ersan Ilyasova appears headed back to Barcelona for at least one more year. Ersan had a terrific finish to his first season in Spain, but the Bucks' acquisition of Richard Jefferson and the drafting of Joe Alexander and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute meant there wasn't much room for Ersan this fall.

    Ilyasova played mostly as a PF for Barca, but the Bucks' recent interest in Chris Andersen and Kwame Brown hints that they'd prefer a 4/5 rather than a combo forward--Alexander and Mbah a Moute can already provide that.   And given Ersan can make a couple million Euro tax-free in Catalonia, the Bucks' were always unlikely to offer more money.  With Barca acquiring Juan Carlos Navarro and CSKA Moscow big man David Andersen, Barcelona look primed for a big season in both the Euroleague and Spanish ACB.  Andersen will also be Bogut's teammate this summer with the Australian national team.
  • Gardner also writes that Skiles is getting a head start this week with summer league practices.
    "I’ve seen him four practices now," Skiles said. "I’m going to talk to him and tell him where I think he’s at, what he’s got to do, and then take him through Vegas.

    "This is an important time for him and me, because I get a chance to actually see him in game competition. And he gets a chance to know what ultimately I’m going to expect of him. I’m not too worried about it, but I am going to expect more out of him probably than has been expected out of him."
    Sessions' only NBA burn came during Larry Krystkowiak's lame duck finish, so Bucks fans will be eager to see what Sessions can do when the games really matter and the coaches actually demand some defensive intensity.  But there's no shortage of point guard expertise among the Bucks' coaching ranks. Skiles is still the NBA single-game assist record holder former all-defensive team guard Lionel Hollins
  • The Bucks' first game in Vegas is Saturday night at 9 pm central. None of the Bucks' games will be televised, but you can watch all of them live at
  • Kelly Dwyer talks contracts, including his take on the Bogut deal:
    I truly do like Bogut's game, think he's been used improperly, and understand that you pay centers 1.43 times worth what you pay every other position player who contributes about the same amount.

    It doesn't mean the Bucks didn't bid against themselves. You can still sustain a good relationship with a player and person that you like while demanding that the market determine what he should be paid.