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Monday Notes: Jefferson in town, combo guards, Ersan talk

  • Charles Gardner reports that Richard Jefferson will finally be in town tomorrow for his first official press conference as a Buck.
  • Alex takes a look at the Bucks' highly offensive starting unit.
  • Tom Ziller of FanHouse and SacTown Royalty fame knows that "combo guard" isn't a four-letter word.
    Some of our best point guards (Parker, Billups) are not pure in any sense, but we shun the combo guard. On a league level, assists having nothing to do with offensive production, but we dismiss those who can't drop eight dimes a game. This is all very absurd, as four conference finalists are showing us right now. It must stop.
    So of course Tom took note of John Hammond's open-minded approach towards point guards.
    Jefferson and Redd have been very efficient scorers in the recent past. If Williams and the frontcourt can also score efficiently, there will be little problem overall with Milwaukee's offense. And there shouldn't be -- this is a talented offensive team. The real consternation regarding the Buck backcourt should come on the other end, where neither Williams nor Redd have shown they can be consistently stout defenders.
    That last part is really the key to me. 
  • Patrick McManamon of the Akron Beacon Journal writes that the Cavs are still thinking about Mike Redd, though the RJ trade would seem to make Redd less likely to be dealt. That said...
    Varejao's agent is Daniel Fegan, who also represents Yi Jianlian, who was traded to the Nets for Jefferson. This might indicate the Bucks need another ''big,'' and if that's Varejao in a deal for Redd, it makes sense that Fegan was eager and pleased to get his Yi out of Milwaukee to make playing time and salary cap room for Varejao.

    Pure guess, by the way. Take that as nothing more than conjecture
    No one expects Varejao back in Cleveland in 2009 given the nasty holdout he had last year, and he would fit the bill in Milwaukee as an above-average rebounder who can defend both big spots (which immediately makes him better than Dan Gadzuric).  And of course he would also combine with Bogut to form the NBA's most dynamic flopping charge-drawing duo. Unfortunately, I'm not sure there's an obvious deal here. For better or worse the Cavs seem fairly content with Delonte West/Daniel Gibson at the point, though Mo Williams' scoring punch would seem to be a clear upgrade and both West and Gibson are RFAs.
  • I don't speak Spanish, but the translations over at HoopsHype and RealGM suggest that Ersan Ilyasova will need to decide by July 15 if he's coming back to the NBA.  
  • Julian Garcia of the NY Daily News reports on Nets coach Lawrence Frank's reaction to the Jefferson trade. Here's the bad part from a Bucks' perspective:
    Members of the organization have said privately that trading Jefferson was necessary partly because of his selfish behavior behind the scenes.