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Thursday Notes: Bogut extension, Luc signs, Yi in Jersey

  • We break down the Andrew Bogut extension.
  • If you're curious about what sort of contract incentives might be in Bogut's deal and how they're handled for cap purposes, check out the source for all CBA-related questions.  I wouldn't mind seeing Bogut's incentives tied exclusively to team wins, rebounds and free throw percentage.  If those things work out, everything else should fall into place quite nicely.
  • The Bucks didn't waste time signing their picks, inking Luc Richard Mbah a Moute to a two-year deal, only one day after signing Joe Alexander.  Last year the Bucks waited until September 11 to sign Ramon Sessions, but that was in part because the Bucks had cap space to work with and unsigned second-rounders don't count against the cap.  The Bucks have no cap space this summer, so they don't have that same incentive (I probably should have realized that earlier).  Still, Mbah a Moute is just the fourth second rounder to sign, following Chris Douglas-Roberts (Nets), Patrick Ewing, Jr. (Kings), and Sean Singletary (Kings).
  • Speaking of Luc, Truman Reed at put his terrific investigative skills to work with an insightful profile of the Bucks' new Cameroonian prince.  As with all of Reed's pieces, there's plenty of insight straight from the subject, and it's great to find a young player focused on things bigger than basketball:
    "Hopefully with the position I'm in with the Bucks, I can work hard and have enough success so I can help my government and my people overcome those hurdles and any others they encounter," he said. "I know I'm not the only one; there are lots of other people doing that, too.

    "The biggest thing is to reach out and help, and I'm willing to work in order to do that. It's hard for some of the countries in Africa. They're younger countries -- my country just won its independence in 1960. It's hard for young countries to keep up with others, such as those in Europe and America, which have been around for hundreds of years. Things have changed a lot already, though, and I'm hoping I can work hard and have enough success that I'll be able to continue to help bring about change there."
  • Lots of talk over at RealGM about former Hornets big man/Birdman Chris Andersen possibly joining the Bucks. Andersen hasn't really played much the past two years after a length drug suspension, but he seems like he's turned his life around.  On the court, he's an athletic big man who can rebound and block shots, similar to Dan Gadzuric without the big pricetag.  A long-term answer at PF?  Nope.  A decent guy to add to the frontcourt rotation? Sure. Stay tuned.
  • Nets Daily has Yi/Simmons coverage.