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Friday Notes: Skiles' challenges, Alexander votes Jefferson and Obama, FSN schedule

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The ant with the mad dance skills. (link-tip: Ball Don't Lie)

  • If the mildly disturbing video introduction isn't quite enough, feel free to meet the Forte Wayne Mad Ants mascot: The Mad Ant, a.k.a. Nightmare Ant. Trouble following? Forte Wayne is the Bucks new NBDL affiliate.
  • Vote in our latest poll, which asks: Who's the best Buck? Andrew Bogut leads at time of this post.
  •'s Paul Forrester offers well-reasoned analysis as he contemplates three challenges that Scott Skiles faces.
  •'s Chris Mannix pens an article about Richard Jefferson moving forward from the Nets.

    "You know, I was frustrated," said Jefferson in a telephone interview. "But now I'm excited. People misconstrued that I was unhappy going to Milwaukee. Man, I was unhappy about leaving the only team I had been a part of. I was the last one standing from the team that went to the Finals, the guys that won three straight division championships, the guys that made the Nets respectable -- and respectable for a long time. I didn't want to go. But it wasn't about Milwaukee."

  • The Bucks don't have a high ceiling according to Dime. Their best-case scenario doesn't include the playoffs. Worst case scenario = worst in the league.

    How good is Richard Jefferson? When he had Jason Kidd and Vince Carter running 1-2 to his 3, the Nets seemed to peak at a second-round playoff exit. In RJ’s new home, the Ramon Sessions/Michael Redd backcourt doesn’t quite measure up to Kidd/Carter. Is Jefferson good enough to vault the Bucks into the playoffs on his own? Not really.

  • Dime poses the question: Which new NBA offseason acquisition will have the biggest impact? Joe Alexander tells Dime it's Richard Jefferson, in between raving about Ramon Sessions.
  • Dime also reports that Alexander, apparently inspired by Nas, is voting for Obama in '08.
  • Dime is attempting to determine the best backcourt of the last 20 years. The '00-'01 duo of Sam Cassell and Ray Allen is up for consideration.
  • Tim Chisholm of TSN reports the Bucks are finally moving forward.
  • Hoopsworld offers a generally favorable Bucks preview.
  •'s John Hollinger doesn't get the additions of Francisco Elson, Tyronn Lue, and Malik Allen.
  • Bob Wolfley of JS Online reveals the Bucks regular season television schedule, with 70 of 82 games to appear on FSN Wisconsin.
  • Yahoo's Bucks report notes former assistant coach Brian James is rumored to replace the Phoenix-bound Scott Williams as television analyst.
  •'s Dave D'Allesandro reveals that after a busy summer, former Buck Yi Jianlian is exhausted in Jersey.
  • Ty at Bucks Diary wants native Milwaukeean Carl Landry back in town.
  • The Las Vegas Sun's Rob Miech writes the Bucks are working out former UNLV point guard Kevin Kruger.
  • The Columbus Dispatch reports September 5 is Michael Redd Day in Columbus, Ohio, as declared by Mayor Michael B. Coleman.
  • A couple weeks ago we linked to a JS Online story reporting Charlie Villanueva working with a shoe donation program. Skeets at Ball Don't Lie explains CV is still making a difference.
  • Thanks to Kelly Dywer for the generous words about BrewHoop in Ball Don't Lie's rundown of the best Bucks blogs.
  • A little off-topic, but entertaining nonetheless: The Denver Egotist breaks down (okay, tears apart) the new OKC Thunder logo. (link-tip: TrueHoop)