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Poll: Who's the best Buck?

Garnett/Pierce/Allen. Duncan/Ginobii/Parker. Paul/West/Chandler. They are big threes; elite trios who complement each other, and have propelled their respective clubs to deep playoff runs.

Redd/Jefferson/Bogut? That's two top ten scorers and a young center improving on both sides of the ball, but still more of a medium three. Each is clearly an above-average starter, but none played a single playoff game last year.

So, where exactly do the Bucks' best fit in among the league's top players? And how do they ranks against each other?

Well, Michael Redd placed 43rd in SLAMOnline's top 50 NBA player rankings.

Players like Redd are better suited as being the man next to the man, but if your team is bereft of talent, then it often gets trapped in the middle. If you follow the planetary sciences, you know planets revolve around stars (Earth revolves around the star known as Sol. Think of the name we call it, the Sun, as something like a nickname) and under them are dwarf stars – great in size and power but nothing compared to their superior counterpart. In NBA terms, Redd is a dwarf star (as are all of the names you’ll find at this point in the Top 50).

Meanwhile, Tom Ziller pegs Redd 46th, at Fanhouse.

Bogut's unlikely to show up on any preseason top 50 radar, and Jefferson is one among many very good small forwards, so that's a matter of taste.

Who do you think will be Milwaukee's most valuable this season? Do the Bucks have any top 50 players?