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JS: Bogut to miss at least next three games

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Tom Enlund writes that Andrew Bogut will not be traveling with the Bucks on their three game Western swing due to his achy back once again flaring up.

“It’s one of those things where it’s gotten worse than it was,” he said. “I had no trouble getting through the game on Saturday and it felt pretty good. Sunday, it was little sore. Monday, it felt alright until the second half and then it hit me. And then yesterday, was the same as the Charlotte game a couple weeks ago (when it bothered him greatly after the game).

Fantastic.  This might not be the worst thing in the world if the Bucks were playing the Lakers and Suns--teams they probably wouldn't beat at full strength anyway.  But while the Portland game on Monday will be a tough one regardless, the games in Sacramento on Friday and against the Clippers on Saturday would normally be games where the Bucks would be favored.  It might be expecting a bit much of them to win road back-to-backs even with Bogut, but given the situation I'll be content if they can take one of the three games. 

Beyond that, the real concern is whether Bogut will be dealing with this all season.  I've never had back spasms myself, and I didn't find some light reading on the subject to be all that insightful either.