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Wednesday Notes: Appreciating Redd, read Joe react, power rankings

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Redd is leading the Bucks in scoring for the sixth year in a row. (photo:

  • Michael Redd chats about playoff possibilities (and more) with Hoopsworld's Wendell Maxey following the loss in the Rose Garden. The Bucks currently stand ninth in the East, half a game behind the Nets.
  • Drew Olson of OnMilwaukee poses the question: Do Bucks fans appreciate Michael Redd?
    It's not exactly unusual for the best (and highest-paid) player on a bad team to bear the brunt of criticism and to adopt an "if I don't do it, who will?" attitude. Redd, who earns a max contract, has been the best player on some horrible teams. After stumbling through the darkness for a couple years, the Bucks seem to be improving this season. Redd's scoring power has been a factor. But, is it one that fans appreciate?
  • As noted in the Portland recap, Rudy Fernandez won the final spot in the dunk contest, though Joe Alexander finished a solid third... Nonetheless, a very nice campaign. We all deserve better -- and that includes seeing Joe dunk.
  • Tom Enlund of the JS reports that Joe is so over it.
    "I’m going to have own private dunk contest at my house. Just me. I’ll be the only one invited."
  • is probably Australia's best NBA blog. That's their motto anyway, and with both a Bogometer (72 % cruising at time of post) and Bogut All-Star campaign on the right sidebar, who are we to quibble?
  • Andrew answer fan questions on
  • Charley Rosen isn't prone to flowery adjectives in his basketball assessments. He hands out Eastern Conference mid-term grades... and gives the Bucks an A?
  • Jay Aych at the Painted Area observes Scott Skiles running flex sets in Milwaukee.
  • Luke Ridnour enjoys a basketball rebirth in Milwaukee, writes Seattle Times' Jayda Evans.
  • Power Ranking the Bucks: