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Croshere waived

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On January 10th of each season, the base salary of all contracts become guaranteed for the rest of the season, so there should be a spike in NG'ed players being waived this week (watch the transaction wire). 

For the Bucks, that guy is Austin Croshere, who today was waived for that very reason.  Croshere was only claimed off waivers on the eve of the season after Adrian Griffin was cut and re-hired as an assistant, so he was never considered more than an insurance policy in all likelihood.  With Damon Jones now back in the fold, the Bucks still have 14 players effectively available, with one extra spot available.  In other words, the Bucks have more flexibility to take on an extra body in a trade or snatch up another free agent if they so choose (the Richard Hendrix dream lives on!). 

Croshere was perfectly serviceable for what he was--in fact he has the highest PER of any Buck this season (anyone have a clue how many players have been cut while leading their team in that category?).  Of course, the fact that it came in 77 mostly meaningless minutes rightfully adds an asterisk to that little bit of trivia, but at this point he's probably no worse than Malik Allen or Francisco Elson.  Still, Skiles never seemed too interested in making Croshere a part of the rotation even when Charlie Villanueva was out, so there's no real surprise here.  Unless you have a bunch of injuries or some young but very raw players, keeping a full roster of 15 guys isn't particularly necessary.