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Monday Notes: BDL's preview, Skiles talks, Thomas starting?

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Ball Don't Lie: Bucks Preview
Kelly Dwyer and co. offer their take on the 09/10 Bucks and the good news (from my perspective at least) is that they predicted even more wins than we did (35 vs. 34).  Good to see we're not chugging the local Kool-Aid.  Admittedly, that's still more than most members of the national media, but then again most of them also think Joe Alexander has the inside track for the starting SF position. I'm looking at you, Tim Legler.  More from KD:

Together, they're either the biggest mess of a forward rotation Scott Skiles has ever seen, or something clicks and they goof their way into the playoffs.

Yes, the playoffs are a strong possibility, especially with Skiles on hand and everyone healthy. I just worry to bits about the point guard situation right now, and the overall philosophy moving forward beyond 2009-10.

I'm officially in love with the idea of "goofing" into the playoffs.

WSSP: Skiles talks

The Big Show had Skiles on before the Wolves game, where he talked a bit about Jennings, the power forward situation, and the lost preseason of Joe Alexander.  First off, you know Skiles isn't the type to lavish praise on guys unnecessarily, so I love to hear him use the word "dominating" to describe Jennings' play...even if it's just practice.  Maybe Allen Iverson isn't his role model after all.

It's also clear that the preseason hasn't cleared up who Skiles will go with at the starting power forward spot.  There's no doubt who's had the most impressive preseason--that's Warrick.  But at least for the short term (ie against Elton Brand on opening night) it seems like Thomas will be the guy.  Whether the Bucks would stay with Thomas against Detroit in game two is probably a separate question.  On WSSP Skiles used Rashard Lewis as an example of the type of player Thomas would struggle against, and Charlie Villanueva (if he actually starts) would be somewhat similar.   Whatever happens, expect there to be plenty of ebbs and flows as the season progresses.  Via Charles Gardner:

"A lot of it kind of filters down from Bogues (Bogut)," Skiles said. "If I want to start Kurt with Bogues, and then Hak (Warrick) is the first logical guy to bring in and I may use Danny, then it seems there aren't many minutes there for Ersan.

"But I think other nights there will be plenty for him. He's a better player than he was when he was here before. He spaces the floor with his shooting, and he's not afraid to mix it up. It may be a challenge certain times getting him enough minutes, but maybe it won't."

The Painted Area: 2009-10 NBA Win Over/Under Predictions
Apparently the Vegas over/under on Bucks wins this year is 25.5, which seems really low. 

Shoals: Bucks Preview
You don't read Shoals because you want a conventional season preview.

Since the team's another bunch who could make the playoffs but probably shouldn't, and thus would do well to let nature take its course and find themselves in the lottery again, they need to sink some money into a super-secret lab that succeeds in turning BJ into an international star. Local, small markets, these words mean nothing anymore. Jennings is the perfect Weapon X for creating a star who outstrips his actual marketing reach. Just don't waste it out of fear that he might curse. Forget "Blog superstar," how about "blog watershed"? Bucks banking on a backcourt led by rookie Jennings
This is technically's season preview for the Bucks, but Steve Aschburner's main piece is all about the kid.

SLAM ONLINE | " 30 Teams, 30 Days
Bryan Crawford is not a believer, folks.

Dime: Bucks Preview
Same with Austin Burton.

SI: Scouts like Lakers, Cavaliers, Celtics in 2009-2010 season
Mark it down: scouts say the Bucks will be the East's worst.

ESPN: Experts say last in the East
On the bright side, Jemele Hill expects the Bucks to finish 13th.  Chris Sheridan raises the best point--what can the Bucks get for Michael Redd, and how quickly will they be looking to pull the trigger on him?