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Thursday Notes: Alexander out for months, Bogut giving away tix, more previews

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JS: Alexander out 8 to 12 weeks
The news just keeps getting worse for Joe Alexander. He was already facing an uphill battle to earn early season minutes after missing the first week of camp with a hamstring injury. And now comes news that he'll miss at least a couple more months after partially tearing the same muscle while rehabbing last week.

Alexander's absence further complicates the Bucks' decision about whether to pick up his 10/11 option for $2.76 million, but realistically this injury shouldn't be the deciding factor.  Given his option is fairly modest by NBA standards, the Bucks would have to be extremely pessimistic about Alexander's future to turn it down.  Admittedly he's been a disappointment--especially compared to some of the guys picked after him--but if the Bucks think he can be at least rotation player with upside to be somewhat better, then picking up the option makes sense.  That's not a very high hurdle.  If the Bucks were to decline his option, Alexander would be an unrestricted free agent next summer.  Joe's reaction:

"The hamstring injury is a very temporary problem," he said. "Extending my contract has to do with what's going to happen over the next four or five years.

"If you put that against what's happening with me in the next month, this hamstring thing is a very small issue. So I don't think it should affect the contract decision; I don't think it will."

MACC Fund Game Friday
Find tickets by clicking the above link.  Charlie Villanueva is expected to make his first appearance in Milwaukee since signing with the Pistons; hopefully he'll get a warm reception.

Mannix: Redd keeps options open
Chris Mannix profiles Michael Redd's comeback, including this sure-to-be-taken-out-of-context quote:

"It feels like we have eight or nine new guys every year," Redd said. "It's a little like a high school team."

Insert joke here. "Squad 6" a chance to win season tix
This is pretty cool: Andrew Bogut and the Bucks are giving away 100 lower level season tickets--but only if you're willing to earn it.

Open show in 30 seconds or less why you have what it takes to join Squad 6! If Andrew and his squadron leader like what they see, you'll get one FREE lower level season ticket and the privilege to showcase your die-hard dedication at each and every 09-10 Bucks home game.

I guess the only catch is that you'll probably wan to bring a friend to the tryout--otherwise you'll be sitting by yourself all season. But hey, free tickets are free tickets.

BrewHoop: Jalen Rose doesn't do his homework
I appreciate when the folks at ESPN and other national media outlets take a moment to talk about the boys in green and red, but all too often it just reinforces what we all assumed: they really don't follow the Bucks in the first place.  It's not surprising--with 30 teams, the national media isn't going to pay attention to all of them.  So if you're a small market AND you're consistently mediocre, this is what happens.

Bucksketball: Season Preview
Jeremy's predicting 37 wins, three more than we guessed a week ago.  I hope he's right. Season Tip Off Free Lunch
Thursday, October 29th @ the BC. Everyone's welcome.