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Game Thread: Bucks/Wolves

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Game Info: 5:00 PM central, Mankato, MN

Starters.  Gery Woelfel tweets that Scott Skiles will be starting Luke Ridnour, Michael Redd, Luc Mbah a Moute, Ersan Ilyasova, and Andrew Bogut.  As we mentioned yesterday, Redd and Bogut are unlikely to get any significant burn. 

Ramon Sessions is likely to start for Minnesota, wearing his familiar #7.  Like Redd, Al Jefferson will also be back on the court for the first time since tearing his ACL earlier this year.  Jefferson tore the ligament in early February, a couple weeks after Redd.

Jennings.  Scott Skiles delivered easily the best quote of camp thus far in summing up Brandon Jennings' performance (via Charles Gardner):

"We're trying to impress upon him that this isn't a performance; this is a fistfight.  We're not here to look good. We're trying to win games.

"He hasn't been through anything like this in his life, with this type of intensity. He'll be fine."

I've heard a bunch of knowledgeable people state their belief that Jennings would be the starter on opening night, but I'd be just fine with the Bucks taking it slow.  The truth is that 20 year old rookie point guards are almost never average or better players as rookies, and force-feeding minutes doesn't seem to be Skiles' style either.  Of course, there's more at stake with Jennings: Skiles knows the kid is his best hope for a long-term solution at PG, and the Bucks have also been marketing the hell out of Jennings thus far.  It's tough to say how much Jennings needs to prove on the court before Skiles hands him the keys to the car, but he'll have to wait at least one more game.

"We feel like Luke has played the best so far and deserves that chance.  He's looked good every day. He came into camp in great shape.

"He's got a much higher comfort level with the stuff we're doing after playing here for a year. He's playing well."

No TV...or radio?  I haven't seen any video or audio streams pop up for this game yet, so odds are we'll have to settle for the recap and box score.  If anyone finds anything, feel free to email us or just post it in the comments.