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Jennings named Player of the Week

Brandon Jennings only played twice last week, but damn, he made the most of it.  Jennings averaged a Playstation-like 43.5 ppg, 7.0 apg and 4.5 rpg in wins over the Nuggets and Warriors, good enough to snag Eastern Conference Player of the Week honors.  And how about these shooting splits: .604/.900(!)/.875.

Unfortunately you can't vote for Jennings on the regular all-star ballot, but you can write him in here.  Andrew Bogut, Michael Redd and Hakim Warrick are on the regular ballot for your consideration.  Jennings' omission looks pretty silly now, but it's generally tough for rookies to get on the ballot, seeing as it's determined by members of the media in October.  At that point it wasn't even a given Jennings would be starting, much less dropping double-nickels.