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Game Thread 3: Bucks/Bulls

Bucks vs Bulls coverage

No más. Insert sad face.



1-1 (0-1 road)
1-2 (1-0 home)
November 3, 2009 - 7:30 PM CT
United Center
Radio: 620 WTMJ TV: FS Wisconsin HD

Probable starters:

Brandon Jennings PG Derrick Rose
Charlie Bell SG John Salmons
Carlos Delfino SF Luol Deng
Kurt Thomas PF Taj Gibson
Andrew Bogut C Joakim Noah
 97.6 (28th)
Off 99.0 (27th)
98.7 (6th)
Def 109.7 (19th)
93.2 (15th)
Pace 90.6 (25th)

Three Points

  • City of win. Chicago opened the season in high fashion by knocking out the Spurs 92-85. And they did so while misfiring into a 3-16 night from deep; the result was not a fluke. But the Bulls have since lost two games in a row, first in Boston (beating San Antonio and Boston is too much for most) and then Miami on Sunday. Off to a 1-0 start at the United Center, where Chicago went 28-13 last season, they are happy to be home.
  • Redd: shoot. Maybe he didn't show it in his first 62 minutes (8 for 25 from the field), and maybe he can't quite like he used to. But shooting guard Michael Redd can shoot. I don't know if anyone else can. Maybe Carlos Delfino or Ersan Ilyasova? That's an optimistic outlook. Maybe they can shoot for players who are under 40.0 % from the field in their NBA careers. Maybe Jodie Meeks, if he actually plays?  I like Charlie Bell, but he is starting at shooting guard, team. Two games in, the Bucks are second to last in the league shooting the ball, at 40.5 %. And now, Redd exits. Still in spite of all this unfortunate-ness, I:
  • Can't help but smiling. About this Brandon Jennings era. A real kick. Usually, flirting with a triple-double in your first NBA game would seem a mighty difficult act to follow. This is unusual. Twenty year-old rookie point guards are supposed to be threshold tests for pain. Though you might recall watching another nifty 20 year-old point guard take to an NBA court for the first time. Last year, right around this time, in the same place, Derrick Rose debuted and started in a win over the Bucks. While he's not off to an overwhelming start this season, Rose is already an elite player, as evidenced by many in last season's playoff series against Boston. These teams faced off a couple times in the preseason, but Rose didn't play. So this is it. Rose is quick like Jennings, but he's also very strong, so this will be quite a task. Here's to the first meeting of many between these Central Division point guards. Let the curtains open on Number 3, Act 3. And I can't help but smiling.


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