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Game Thread 5: Knicks/Bucks

Let's not do this tonight, cool?

2009/2010 NBA Season


1-5 (0-2 road)
2-2 (1-0 home)
November 7th, 2009
Bradley Center
7:30 PM
Radio: 620 WTMJ TV: None
Probable starters:
Chris Duhon
PG Brandon Jennings
Larry Hughes
SG Charlie Bell
Danilo Gallinari
SF Carlos Delfino
Wilson Chandler
PF Hakim Warrick
David Lee
C Andrew Bogut

(22nd) 101.7 - OFFENSE - 94.2 (29th)
(24th) 110.5 - DEFENSE - 91.3 (1st)
(4th) 96.1 - PACE - 92.8 (15th)


Three Points

  • New York, meet Brandon Jennings. Jennings wanted to play for the Knicks. And why not? For a point guard, in that system, in that city: the world is yours. Instead the New York Knickerbockers opted to take Jordan Hill two spots ahead of the Bucks on draft night. Coincidentally, once upon a time, Jennings and Hill were destined to play together at the University of Arizona. But Jennings went to Italy, where his draft stock certainly didn't rise, while Hill's certainly did at 'Zona. Now their paths will cross. And now the Knicks start a point guard who, well, he didn't exactly score in 39 minutes last night. [Full disclosure: Chris Duhon did drop eight dimes with just a single turnover in their loss to the Cavs.] Hill? Scored his first six NBA points last night. Jennings? Not a Knicks fan.
  • This land is my land, this land is your Landry. He's only played a minute this year, but Milwaukee native and University of Wisconsin hooper Marcus Landry returns home tonight with the Knicks. Welcome.
  • The Knicks, they are-a-struggling. Not a beautiful struggle sort of struggling either. Falling to what is most likely a rather angry Cavs team last night isn't much of an indictment, but getting worked by the Pacers the game prior is. Yes... 'twas that bad. This is a prime, prime I tell you, opportunity for the Bucks to gain a winning record and momentum for this nice little home swing. I don't even really want to comtemplate the notion of dropping this game. Hopefully Bogut will continue to assert himself offensively against David Lee, a capable defender but just 6-9, 240; the Knicks have only used Darko Milicic sparingly this year, but he'll probably find the court tonight.


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