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Weekend Revelry

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Let's revel a bit, yes.

Bucks 108 Blazers 101 Recaps: BrewHoop / AP / Blazers Edge / Bucksketball / Journal Sentinel / Oregonian 

After the jump, SLAM declares the most underrated player of the decade... ahh, timing.

SLAM: Redd most underrated player of decade
The real question when this type of debate arises is: by whom? During Redd's tenure with the team, Milwaukee has arguably been the most anonymous team in the NBA outside of the city. So I think that compels national media types to feel bad for the lack of exposure. And Redd might be very well be one of the most underexposed good players of the past decade in the sense that he's rarely performed on a national stage.

But as a fabulously well-to-do (thanks, fat contract) Olympian, and All-Star, he's certainly received a fair share of plaudits from the national team, NBA coaches, and his club's front office.

Of course, before you get too worked up, remember that SLAM bestowed this honor based on the entire decade, not just the last couple months, or last couple years. Redd was a very legitimate, very good player, and pretty recently.

Regardless, virtually no support in the comments over there for the pick, and virtually less expected in the comments here.

HoopData: NBA in Polychromatic Form 2.0
This goes back a few days, but the point remains: Milwaukee owns a strikingly bad free throw differential. I know, right. When you look at the Four Factors graph, please note that "Red is Crazy." This isn't a strictly-Milwaukee column, but Haberstroh spends a bit of time trying to figure out what is going at the free throw line for the Bucks.

One day, I will probably sit my grandchildren on my lap and reminisce about the 2009-2010 Milwaukee Bucks free throw differential. I will tell them the tales about a young Brandon Jennings who could not earn a whistle in his favor. Jennings’ per minute free throw rate ranks the second lowest among the150 players with his 29.8 percent usage rate; only the immortal Freeman Williams toed the line fewer than 4.2 times every 36 minutes with a such large share of his team’s offense. In other words, Brandon Jennings should enroll in some acting classes so he can toe the line more and truly live up to the Allen Iverson comparisons.

SI: Jennings 2nd in Rookie Rankings
Arash Markazi calls Evans/Jennings perhaps the next great individual rivalry. Interesting contrast in styles, and at this point they do appear an even match. Sort of a tough one to develop though considering the Kings and Bucks don't match up often... but they do square off on Saturday at the BC.

Sacramento Bee: Jennings top rookie? Not so fast.
Some more Tyreke Evans love, this time from local Sactown scribe.

NY Daily News: Walsh miffed at staff passing on Jennings
Jennings was rather miffed about the Knicks passing on him too. (link-tip: Posting and Toasting)

FanHouse: Arenas can't buy a free-throw

Mike Redd: officially not the only star guard in the East to shoot 1-6 in a game at the stripe this season.