Trade Deadline Fast Approaching

The trade deadline is fast approaching. I have seen rumors that the Bucks have talked recently with the Cavs, the Blazers, and the Spurs (really?). The most common one is that the Bucks would have some sort of deal with Portland:

Teams are dubious of the Blazers’ claims that LaFrentz’s expiring contract has drawn leaguewide interest. Portland is considering using LaFrentz’s expiring contract on multiple deals, including Milwaukee’s Richard Jefferson.

--Yahoo Sports

This rumor has been floating around for days, even weeks. There was a rumor that the Blazers and Bucks hadn't talked in awhile, but that appears to be false. Apparently the Blazers are a pretty cheeky bunch as they are trying to rob the Nets (because they desperately want to get rid of Vince Carter) and might even be trying to rob us. This from ESPN this morning:

The Bucks have had ongoing discussions with the Blazers about a Richard Jefferson and Luke Ridnour swap. But it sounds like the Blazers want more assets (read Ramon Sessions or a first-round pick) to take back Jefferson's contract.

Memo to Portland: we are trying to clear cap space to sign Sessions along with Villanueva. Apparently they don't understand that, or think that Ridnour is garbage. I disagree - I think that Ridnour and Jefferson would really help them. The other deal that is really being talked about is the one with the Cavaliers:

The Cleveland Cavaliers have talked to the Bucks about acquiring Jefferson, two league executives said Wednesday afternoon.

Cleveland is dangling the expiring contract of Wally Szczerbiak for Jefferson, who has two years and $29.2 million left on his contract. The Cavaliers have been active in seeking talent to surround LeBron James for a title run and are one of the few franchises willing to bring on bigger talent and more salary, league executives said.

--Yahoo Sports

I wouldn't mind taking Wally for the rest of the year. Honestly, at this point I think that either Portland has to get smart, we need to make progress with the Cavs, or we'll be stuck with the team that we have for the rest of the year. It sounds like Portland is trying to rob everyone because they have an expiring contract that they're willing to get rid of and is of little value to them. I'm not sure of much about the Cavs deal. I only heard the rumor about the Spurs floated once, so I doubt that has much legs. I don't think the Cavs are going to trade, because they have it pretty good right now.

So it comes full circle to Portland. I don't think they're going to make the trade. I hope that I'm wrong. It would make a ton of sense (getting a solid wing player who's got lots of playoff experience). I think they want a couple of players, and they don't covet Jefferson and Ridnour enough.The NY Post, however, disagrees:

Sources say Richard Jefferson and Luke Ridnour likely are headed from Milwaukee to Portland for a package including Raef LaFrentz' expiring contract and Travis Outlaw, two components that were part of a proposed Nets deal.

-- NY Post

I guess we shall see. In the meantime, the Bucks are solidly in the 8th spot in the East, despite a loss last night. With Jefferson and Ridnour in Milwaukee, we might be able to make it to the playoffs and end our little recent playoff drought. Unfortunately, that might not be what's best going forward. We'll know in 4 hours!

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