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Brew Hoop + Yahoo! = Beautiful

If you read us regularly then you know that we're big fans of the gang over at Yahoo--Skeets and KD are absolutely essential NBA reading, Adrian Wojnarowski is top notch, and I also happen to use their box scores whenever I'm following a game.  Hey, there's a reason Yahoo! Sports is the most visited sports site on the interwebs.  So we're excited to announce that you can now find the latest Brew Hoop headlines on the Bucks' Yahoo! homepage.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

It's all part of a new content sharing platform between SB Nation (ie the good people who keep this site functioning) and the good folks at Yahoo.  You'll now be able to leave comments, FanPosts, and FanShots on Brew Hoop simply by signing in with your Yahoo ID or OpenID and picking a user name.  If you already have a user name here then nothing changes.  In the future we hope to further integrate content across the two platforms, so that whenever you read about the Bucks on Yahoo you'll be seeing our content a click away.  Read more about it here.

When you are ready, feel free to join the conversation or start one up.  Whether you create a new profile or use your Yahoo or OpenID credentials to register, one username and password will give you access to all our communities.  Each SB Nation site offers the same mechanisms for participating in the action via comments, FanPosts (a blog entry of your very own) or FanShots (a quick micro-post of a thought, link or photo.)  Before you post though, please remember, you are entering an established and ongoing community.  Your voice and opinions are encouraged (that’s what being a fan is all about after all), but as in any productive conversation, they should be presented in a manner that is courteous, civil and respectful of the culture that you are entering.

That said, this isn't changing the type of content we'll be providing--though feel free to shoot us an email or leave us a comment if you have any other thoughts.  If you're a new reader, welcome!  And no, we're not planning on changing our name to Brewhoo! or anything like that.