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Friday Notes: Bogut blogs, Bogans, trade speculation, D-League shopping

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  • Andrew Bogut has an extensive new blog posting that touches on the frustration of his back injury, how poker is going to help him get through it, and his frustration with the Aussie media for giving away his hotel alias.  Rest assured, the good folks at BrewHoop would never do that to you, Drew. 

    The most pertinent thing as far as the Bucks obviously relates to his back, and his comments here are definitely worth a read:
    We thought it was just muscle spasms as a MRI showed nothing back in early January. Obviously this was not the case and I soon realized that I wanted every test possible. Why? 3 times coming back from the same injury and having the same painful symptoms after playing one game, that’s why. On Monday morning I had a bone scan and a CAT scan. I had dye injected into me to make the old bones a bit better and smile for the camera. Smack bang, I saw the scans myself and could see the fracture. I didn’t know what to think or say. I was pissed off, I can’t explain to you all in words how I feel about missing games. I was a little relieved because I was beginning to think I was crazy. I was being told I had no major problems with the back and the MRI showed this a while back. So it was playing on mind that maybe it was nothing that bad and I should just get through it. Works out it was bad, that’s the only problem. After 8 weeks, I will have the same scan I just had on Monday to see if the bone has healed. Fingers crossed.
    You can read between the lines here and wonder if the Bucks' medical staff dropped the ball by not giving him the CAT and bone scans earlier, but I'm not really in a position to be accusing anyone of malpractice. Either way, let's just be thankful that the big fella has finally been properly diagnosed and hope his recovery goes well.
  • The newest Buck is Keith Bogans.  Welcome to Milwaukee, Keith, but given how things have been going I hope you brought a helmet and some knee pads.  Bucks Diary and Third Quarter Collapse (the gold standard of Magic blogs) chime in on the trade as well.  Consensus reaction: OK.
  • Tom Enlund writes that it's not yet clear whether Bogans will be available Saturday night against Detroit.
  • Following the trade, John Hollinger pitches some fantasy hoops advice:
    In an unusual twist to a minor trade, Milwaukee traded Tyronn Lue to Orlando for Keith Bogans and then found out within seconds that Luke Ridnour has a broken thumb and will be out for a month. So it looks like Ramon Sessions will be pitching complete games at the point while Bogans and Charlie Bell share the shooting guard spot in Milwaukee. (Side note: If you're in a fantasy league, get Ramon Sessions now. I mean, right now. Come back and read the rest of this when you're done, it will still be here. Sessions won't be.)
    Given the major minutes Sessions was getting in Redd's absence, I'm not sure he'd be available in many fantasy leagues anyway, but the silver lining to Ridnour's injury is that we get to see Sessions try his hand at being a full-time PG again.  That's his long-term position, so the Bucks will get an extended look at him there before he becomes a free agent.  By the way, I'm officially sick of looking for silver linings.
  • Dave D'Alessandro of the Newark Star-Ledger notes that Richard Jefferson is not exactly untouchable.  Good.  Other stuff:
    If the Bucks had such a big edge, they wouldn't have been shopping RJ like crazy over the month preceding the Redd injury. The fact is, Milwaukee was feeling pretty lousy about the deal all around - RJ was marked by every scout and GM in the league as a player who had lost something athletically, one who was looking very thick in the legs and hips and lacked his usual explosion, and much of that was related to him coming to camp out of shape. Moreover, he was showing that he was not (cliche alert) Skiles' type of player, and the Bucks wanted to dump him so they could get Joe Alexander into the mix, even though he wasn't quite ready yet. Of course, finding someone to take on that contract will be impossible, so now you wonder whether RJ will opt out after '09-10, which I wouldn't rule out if he's unhappy.
    Obviously Jefferson hasn't been at his best this year, but the part about Skiles not being pleased with him is probably the most interesting part. RJ being out of shape in camp would explain some of his struggles, but then again November was his best month I'm guessing there's more to it than just that. 

    It also hasn't seemed like the Bucks, or Skiles at least, have had much interest in force-feeding Alexander, whom they also almost traded a month ago.  D'Alessandro's one of the best in the biz so I'm sure his info is coming from somewhere, but his reply also sounds a little bit like an attempt to cover for Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons, both of whom have made remarkably little progress this year.
  • As Scott mentioned in the comments yesterday, the Bucks should probably be considering the D-League for reinforcements right about now, and Ridiculous Upside has a good overview of both the big guys and perimeter players worth a look.  Though the Bucks have used the D-League to help season Ramon Sessions, Ersan Ilyasvoa, and David Noel, they've effectively boycotted the league this year--they've neither sent anyone down to Fort Wayne (yes, the Bucks have an affiliate) nor have they signed anyone else.  The latter might change soon.