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St. Patrick's Day Notes: Highlights, CV tweets, player playlist

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  • Kelly Dwyer is rather impressed with Milwaukee's can-do demeanor. And I'm rather impressed with Monty Python references. (Thanks, Madtown Hoops)
    The Bucks are never going to give up, they're the bloody Black Knight, and you have to try and expect that heading into any arena that they're scheduled to play in. This team shot just 32.6 percent (!) and won because it shot the ball twenty more times than the Celtics.
  • Quite a lot of pro-Celtics noise at the BC on Sunday. I saw all the different shades of green Ray Allen jerseys, from his Milwaukee, Seattle, and Boston days. Even a shirt with "Who is Ray Allen? I came to see Jesus" written across the front. Mr. Shuttlesworth is still adored in this city, and it's not exactly one-way sentimental traffic either. Allen opened up to Charles Gardner about his exit from Milwaukee and George Karl's role in the matter.
    When Allen was introduced before the Bucks' 86-77 victory over the Celtics on Sunday, he received a rousing ovation from the near-sellout Bradley Center crowd. He scored just eight points on 2-of-11 shooting and failed to make a three-point shot in five attempts.

    "That's what I planned on; that's what I had hoped," Allen said of staying in Milwaukee. "I was looking at building and trying to create something great. I always modeled my career after what Brett Favre did in Green Bay; they won a Super Bowl.

  • Charlie Villanueva: Lottery pick. Versatile offensive player. Great in the community. Twitter addict?
  • This completely real Journal Sentinel story (which reads like something from The Onion) about Villanueva tweeting at halftime would seem to back that up.
    In what team officials are calling an "isolated incident," Villanueva sent out a message on his personal Twitter account shortly after Bucks' coaches finished their halftime instructions to the team.Villaneuva, whose Twitter ID is CV31, wrote this on his Twitter account: "In da locker room, snuck to post with my twitt. We’re playing the Celtics, tie ball game at da half. Coach wants more toughness. I gotta step up."
  • Villanueva isn't the only Charlie making headlines. Charlie Bell's fourth quarter, buzzer-beating three against the C's was a signature moment of the season, and more Bell equals more success according to the number-crunching J.D. Mo at The Bob Boozer Jinx.
  • If you had to guess how similar the musical tastes of Dan Gadzuric and Ramon Sessions are based on how similar their playing styles are on the court, you'd probably be right. Eclectic is one way to describe the Bucks' music mix, revealed by's Jeff Sherman. 
  • You can never really be surprised by a Scott Skiles lineup, but it was interesting to see Joe Alexander on the court in the first quarter against Boston. Kevin Arnovitz of TrueHoop assesses the benches of playoff contenders. This is particulary notable because the Bucks are actually included on the list. Because they are playoff contenders. Which sort of still shocks and astounds; I mean, it's March 17. Do you remember March 17 last year?
  • Good news: No Bucks make this top ten most hated NBA players list.
  • Bad news: Milwaukee native and Rockets forward Carl Landry was shot in the leg Tuesday morning in Houston. We hope for all the best going forward. Brew Hoop wishes you a speedy recovery, Carl.