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From College to Milwaukee

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From UCLA (Dan Gadzuric) to Villanova (Malik Allen), each Milwaukee Buck once played college basketball.

(images via photobucket and wpcontent)

It's March, college basketball's favorite time of the year. On that note, I noticed something interesting when looking at Milwaukee's roster on basketball-reference the other day: Everyone who has played for the Bucks this season also played college ball in the States at one point.

That includes anyone who has suited up, including the departed Tyronn Lue.

They have the Big East, Big Ten, SEC, Mountain West, Pac-10, Big Sky, Conference USA, Big 12, and the WAC covered.

Dick Vitale would be so proud (though maybe not so much that the championship favorite Lakers have suited up seven players this year who did not play college ball).

Milwaukee, of course, has plenty of internationals: Joe Alexander was born in Taiwan, Andrew Bogut plays in tournaments for Australia, Dan Gadzuric and Francisco Elson hail from the Netherlands, and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute is Cameroonian.

But they also all played college basketball in the U.S.

That's unique. Singularly unique, so it turns out. I clicked my way through every other roster, and each one had at least one player who didn't play college basketball.

As such, the Bucks are the only all-college team in the NBA this season. Who knew?