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Tuesday Notes: CV blogs, Paschke vs. Bogut, week ahead, the stretch run

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  • Andrew Bogut talks to the Bucks' other blogger, Jim Paschke (above).  No mention of the white suit, though.
  • I'm pretty sure that Charlie Villanueva has actually been blogging longer than Jim and 'Drew, just not as regularly.  Fortunately, when CV blogs, he blogs.  Tons of interesting stuff in his latest post, including reaction to the Varejao flagrant foul and some fan Q&A.  As a sampler, here's his take on the lack of deadline deals:
    There was a lot being said about Milwaukee’s financial position, like basically saying Milwaukee needs to trade me now or lose me later; between me and Ramon Sessions, a lot was being said, since we’re both in our contract year. I was a bit caught up with the online hype, but I didn’t let it affect me at all, especially on the court. Regardless of what was being said out there, you have to still focus ALL your attention on winning games. It’s that simple and that real. I know the Bucks organization now face some serious decision-making come end of the season, but I assure you whatever moves Mr. Hammond (our GM) and the rest of the crew does, it will be for the best of the team and rightfully so. I’m hoping somewhere in there, I’m being considered to remain on this team. I really like it out in Milwaukee. It’s a city that grew on me and now I love it. The fans deserve a real championship run.
    Check out CV's redesigned website, too.
  • Al Sidholm at checks out Charlie V's most improved credentials.  I doubt he gets it given a) there are a bunch of good candidates out there and b) a Buck has to be head and shoulders above the competition to get award recognition.
  • Ty looks at the Bucks' February numbers.
  • Bucksketball previews the week ahead.
    The upcoming week screams OPPORTUNITY. New Jersey and Chicago are the Bucks primary competition for the eighth and final playoff spot in the East. My prediction is a 3-1 week where the Bucks can begin to spring themselves into a playoff burst. Be forewarned; my predictions usually suck.
    Same here, Jeremy. 
  • Empty the Bench takes a long look at those pesky Bucks.
    They’re not a great rebounding team, they’re not a great three-point shooting team, they’re really not that great at any one thing. But on most nights, they hustle, they don’t quit, and they walk off the court, win or lose, with their tank empty.
  • J.D. Mo breaks down the good and bad of the Bucks' stretch run.
  • Jonathan Givony at DraftExpress looks at the top NBA prospects in Spain, ranking Ersan Ilyasova at number eight.
    It’s funny that we compared him to a European version of Rashard Lewis at best, or Bostjan Nachbar at worst back when we wrote up his initial profile four years ago. That’s a very accurate way of describing his strengths and weaknesses, although he’s probably a better rebounder than those two.
    While the Bucks' financial situation would seem to make Ilyasova's return next year improbable, Tom Enlund reported yesterday that Hammond is going to scout Ilyasova in Spain this week. Director of Player Personnel Dave Babcock was instrumental in the decision to draft Ilyasova in 2005 and has kept close tabs on him since leaving for Barcelona, so the Bucks should already have a good feel for Ilyasova's game.  But to my knowledge this will be the first time Hammond sees him play competitively since becoming GM.