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The Bucks Twitter Universe

Normally I'm pretty good about learning/using the latest digital media platforms; I spend an unhealthy amount of time blogging about a professional sports team, so it comes with the territory, right? 

So when Twitter became the hottest new thing in the digital NBA world, you'd have thought I'd be all about it.  I set up a BrewHoop account a while back and then added a ton of other blogs that I'd want to follow.  And then I just let it sit....because I wasn't sure what exactly to do with it.  I'm fairly long-winded, so it didn't seem like I had much to offer in 140 characters or less.  And just linking blog posts seemed a bit unnecessary--I assumed if you had any interest in reading BH, you'd either check the site fairly often or have it in your RSS feed.

But then I started cruising through the Twitter posts of the people I was "following" and it was actually pretty interesting.  Most notably, Charlie Villanueva and Andrew Bogut have begun twittering regularly and the Bucks have an official Twitter feed that's updated multiple times per day.  Yesterday you would have read about CV's shoe-shopping in Chicago, while today Bogut was enjoying his new '63 Chevy Nova and taking wardrobe suggestions for tonight's game. 

In some ways you could argue it's sensory overload.  The idea of getting short, unfiltered content from friends, your favorite bloggers, and even your favorite athletes when we already have a million ways of connecting with each other may seem kind of pointless.  But for the moment it still seems fresh and offers something slightly different from blogs, Facebook status updates, etc.  I'm not entirely sure how we'll use it going forward, but feel free to follow us and we'll try to keep twittering.  In the meantime, check out the links below--and let us know if we're missing any. Official Bucks twitter. The Real CV. The Real Bogut. JS Bucks stuff. Somebody's tracking random Bucks news.