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Monday Notes: Bogut and Skiles, Twitter, nerdy stuff

  • If you didn't catch the game a couple weeks ago, I just dug up Charlie V's Webbering of Jason Kidd in Dallas (see above).
  • Charlie V and Bogut are Twittering at astonishing rates.  You definitely can't accuse these guys of being inaccessible. 
  • Bogut's also got a new blog up, including a small update on his health:
    I finally felt decent enough to start doing a little more. Even though that means I’m still not doing much. I can now do some exercises for my back, some basic holds and lifts. Only about 10 minute’s worth. It’s still something and you have to start somewhere I guess. The plan for me is to get another scan at approximately the end of the month to see if the bone has healed or how far along it has come. I don’t like to talk about what will happen after the scan because I like to cross each bridge as it comes, and not set myself up to be disappointed. Hopefully if all looks well though I can further progress my rehab and start to do more and more. As for a date we have nothing set. People always ask playoffs? End of season. Do you have a date? At the moment no idea, mainly because there are still a lot things that can happen between now and then. There could be set backs on one hand, and on the other everything could go smoothly and quickly.
  • Last year I missed out on attending the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston because I found out about it too late, but I was fortunate to end up going out to dinner that weekend with a group that included Henry Abbott, Jason Kubatko (architect of the incomparable Basketball Reference), John Hollinger, Dean Oliver, and Rob Neyer.  I can thank my buddy Jonah Keri for that, though I pretty much wasted it from a networking sense.  Ah well.

    Now that I'm up in New Hampshire for business school, I couldn't make it down to MIT because of exams, but Hollinger has a very cool overview of what went down.  Among other things, I thought this quote was especially interesting:
    Cuban, for instance, matter-of-factly told us that a win is only worth about a half million dollars to a team's bottom line, so that rebuilding teams with low salary structures are often the most profitable.
  • Bucksketball looks at the week ahead, and takes a look at the week that was:
    Oddly enough this Saturday Bell and Bogans had their best games since Washington last Saturday. Bogans still stumbled around a bit though and Bell still missed enough open shots that I was bothered. It just seems to me that it would be more productive for the future of the Bucks if Joe Alexander was getting some of the time these two were getting. I know that may be admitting defeat and dropping out of the playoff race essentially, but at this point if you’re the Bucks why kid yourself? Onto the week ahead...
    It's weird, I feel like I've become something of a Charlie Bell apologist, but that's probably because my memory is short and he had by far his best month of the season in February--when the Bucks really needed him. Before that...well, the effort was there but not much else. Clearly his ankle was causing him issues in the opening months of the season, and while his shot looks much better Jeremy's also right about the tradeoff with Alexander.  Fortunately, winning now hasn't meant reduced minutes for Sessions or Mbah a Moute (12.8 ppg, 7.5 rpg and an obscene .769 fg% this month).
  • The Bob Boozer Jinx is also forward-looking, and notes the Bobs are now just a half game back of the Bucks. 
  • Bucks Diary crunches the numbers from last week's games.
  • Truman Reed writes that Scott Skiles is just what Andrew Bogut needed.