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34 Numbers

One for each win of the season...Yes, a new Brew Hoop tradition.

0. Keith Bogans had a +/- differential of 0 this season.

3. Malik Allen blocked three shots combined in December, January, and February. Allen also blocked three shots combined in the final two games of the regular season combined.

56. The Bucks didn't have a player rank in the top 50 in blocked shots. Charlie Villanueva tied for 66th in the NBA with 56 blocks.

43.3 %. The Bucks had a better record against the West (13-17 or 43.3 %) than against the East (21-31 or 40.3 %).

27-59. Richard Jefferson made 27-59 three-pointers from the left corner and 27-59 three-pointers from the right corner according to his hotspot chart. I just re-checked this again.

15,389. The Bradley Center averaged 15,389 paying patrons for 41 home games. That number ranked 24th in the NBA. The average attendance dropped a rather modest 206 fans from last season.

+0.6. Those Scott Skiles' halftime speeches may have worked a bit, as Milwaukee averaged a team-best +0.6 differential in the third quarter. That was the only quarter they usually (55 %) won.

54.4 %. Dan Gadzuric shot a career high 54.4 % from the free throw line.

8. The Bucks went 8-6 in December, the only month they posted a winning record.

41. Richard Jefferson led the Bucks with 41 and-ones. Ramon Sessions and Charlie Villanueva tied for second place on the club with 26 each.

-1.65. Malik Allen produced -1.65 win shares, ranking him among the bottom 10 % in the NBA. Not everyone buys into win shares, but there is plenty of additional evidence for the skeptics that Allen was unbelievably unproductive: He also netted an epically bad -9.1 Roland Rating and Malik-Allen-career-worst 7.33 PER. Unfortunately, none of this even registers on the surprise scale.

999. The Bucks committed 999 shooting fouls.

24.1. Charlie Villanueva averaged 24.1 points / 40 minutes, topping the team. Redd (23.2), Jefferson (21.3), Sessions (18.0), and Bogut (15.0) round out the top five.

7.1. Though his production waned as the game progressed, Michael Redd was a first quarter firecracker, averaging 7.1 points in the opening period, the sixth highest rate in the NBA.

51. Luc Richard Mbah a Moute finished second on the Bucks with 51 games started. A rather incredible feat for the Principal, who managed to work his way into the starting lineup within two weeks of Opening Night. The Cameroonian's first start came in an 82-78 triumph over San Antonio on November 12. Richard Jefferson easily led Milwaukee with 81 games started.

19. After entering the season inactive, Ramon Sessions finished by leading Milwaukee in assists for the final 19 games, dating from March 4 to April 15.

5. Andrew Bogut was only eighth in minutes played (422) on the Bucks, but he led the team in technicals, with 5. Sessions, Redd, Ridnour, and Mbah a Moute played more minutes than Bogut but none were hit with a single technical.

26.0. Charlie Villanueva's usage rate, ranking 14th in the NBA.

56.3 %. Milwaukee made 56.3 % of its inside shots, ranking 29th out of 30 teams. The Bobcats (55.8 %) were slightly worse in this regard.

+2.4. Milwaukee ranked second in the NBA in turnover differential per game (+2.4).

16. The Bucks used 16 different starting lineups. How many can you name?

8. Point guards Ramon Sessions and Luke Ridnour committed eight offensive fouls each. In considerably fewer minutes, Joe Alexander committed seven offensive fouls.

844. Though he fell far below the league leaders, Richard Jefferson nonetheless won first place honors on the Bucks with 51 dunks. That placed him merely a few dunks ahead of Charlie Villanueva, who threw down 48 times. Then again, RJ eked out the extra dunks in large part thanks to playing 844 more minutes than CV.

105.6. Milwaukee averaged 105.6 points in its 34 wins, compared to a 94.8 average in 48 losses.

7-6. Ramon Sessions blocked more shots (7) than he made three-pointers (6) in 2008-09. The point guard had three of each in his rookie campaign. I noted in the photo caption that Sessions (10-9) and Andre Miller (178-118) both have more career blocks than three-pointers made. Don't leave them alone outside though; Sessions already has one memorable buzzer-beating, game-winning three to his credit, and Andre Miller made 2-2 from outside including a crushing three late to beat the Bucks in January.

1. Charlie Bell dunked once this year. Others with exactly one regular season dunk include Dikembe Mutombo, T.J. Ford, Devin Harris, Jake Voskuhl, and Adam Morrison.

38. Milwaukee's Pythagorean record was 38-44.

2.97. Ramon Sessions finished ninth in the NBA with a 2.97 assist/turnover ratio.

4. The Bucks went undefeated against four teams: Oklahoma City (2-0), Sacramento (2-0), San Antonio (2-0), and Washington (3-0).

86 %. Andrew Bogut attempted 86 % of his shots inside. That percentage ranked sixth highest in the NBA. To put that in perspective, Shaquille O'Neal (71 %) and Dan Gadzuric (52 %) both shot a much lower percentage from inside. There is a good reason for Bogut's shyness to shoot from anywhere else, and it's a bit worrying: Bogut made just 27.9 % of his jumpers.

3.3. Charlie Villanueva hoisted a career-high 3.3 three-pointers per game, and he made a career-best 34.5 % from outside.

87.7. Reserves played 87.7 minutes per game for Milwaukee, the sixth highest total in the NBA.

19.4. Andrew Bogut boasted a 19.4 rebound rate, the ninth highest in the NBA.

2. Charlie Bell posted a double-double on March 26, 2006 and then a triple-double the very next game on March 28, 2006. Those are Bell's only two career double-doubles; he just happened to string them together twice in a row. This season was the third in a row Bell did not have a double-double.