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Thursday Notes: Workout review, Skiles on Bogut, mock roundup

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  • Charles Gardner talks to Dave Babcock, Dominc James, and Wes Matthews following their workout today.  Gardner blogged a bit more about Babcock's comments on James, Matthews, and the four other guys who were there.
    "They'll both make money playing basketball," Babcock said. "Wes is a potential second-round pick, as Dominic is. I think with Dominic's injury, I'd say it's going to be tougher for him to get drafted. But you never know; all it takes is one team. I thought they both showed well today."
  • Chad Ford's first mock has the Bucks taking UCLA's 18-year old PG Jrue Holiday.
    The Bucks face the possibility of losing free agents Charlie Villanueva and Ramon Sessions this summer, which would leave holes at the point and power forward. Given that, they might have a tough decision between Holiday, who has the all-around skill set to step in and play immediately, and DeJuan Blair, who could provide some real toughness on the front line. Holiday's upside combined with his defensive abilities should give him the edge here.
  • Speaking of Blair, DX has him scheduled to work out for the Bucks on June 11.  Tomorrow the Bucks are scheduled to have Joe Ingles, Joe Krabbehoft, Jeremy Pargo, Lester Hudson, Kevin Rogers, Bamba Fall, and Tony Gaffney.  They can't do more than 3-on-3 games, so I'm guessing one of those guys doesn't end up coming (to get them down to six).
  • Gery Woelfel goes with a sleeper pick--Syracuse PG Jonny Flynn.
  • With the Clippers looking at a frontcourt logjam now that they're getting Blake Griffin, John Hollinger mentions the Bucks as a possible trade partner.  Sweet, Marcus Camby!  Um, not so much:
    A deal with Milwaukee for Richard Jefferson would work, providing the Bucks more post scoring and a replacement for likely goner Charlie Villanueva. However, the Bucks supposedly deep-sixed a deal for Randolph when he was a Knick and might turn their noses up at this idea too.
    At this point any big deal needs to involve either non-guaranteed contracts or more money going out than coming in, especially if we're talking about a guy as undesirable as Randolph (owed $33 million through 10/11). I don't think the Bucks have the assets to get Camby, but I doubt they'd have any interest in Randolph.
  • Now that Andrew Bogut is healthy, Scott Skiles is expecting big things.
    "One thing, me in particular but the organization in general, is trying to impress upon Andrew is 'You can't run from being the No. 1 pick,'" Skiles said. "You've got to embrace being the No. 1 pick, and there's responsibility that comes with that.

    "It's just part of redoing our whole program. We want Andrew to take on more of a leadership role, which means being around a little bit more in the summertime, being a face of things that are going on, and also working on his game.

  • WSSP has audio of some draft talk they did with Mike Macxy of  He likes UNC point Ty Lawson, while Sparky worries that the Bucks are getting a Tractor Traylor clone in Blair.