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Pre-Draft Measurements Released

DraftExpress just posted the highly-anticipated measurements from the Chicago pre-draft combine.  From my initial glance, there don't appear to be any huge surprises.  Some notes about the guys in the running to be selected 10th:

  • DeJuan Blair: Measured about as short as expected--6'6.5" in shoes but with a huge 7'2" wingspan and so-so 8'10" standing reach.  
  • Earl Clark: Great measurables--6'10.25" in shoes, a nearly 7'3" wingspan and 9'1.5" standing reach.  Unfortunately, he really didn't improve over his sophomore and junior years at Louisville and he wasn't that productive to begin with.  Tough to peg.
  • Austin Daye: Pretty crazy measurements--6'10.75" in shoes with a 7'3" wingspan and 9'2" standing reach.  All great numbers for a power forward...until you see that he weighs 194 pounds.  Given his exception stroke and length he's certainly one of the most intriguing prospects in the mid-first round.
  • Ty Lawson:  We know he's short (6'0.5") but more disappointing were his short arms (only a quarter inch more).  Still, he's not really a guy getting drafted for size in the first place.
  • Jonny Flynn:  Probably not quite as small as some suspected (6'0.75" in shoes with a 6'4" wingspan).
  • Jrue Holiday.  As expected he measured very well for a PG at 6'4.25" in shoes and with a 6'7" wingspan.