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Sunday Notes: Blair impresses, Bogut visits, Curry workout possible

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  • Enlund: Bucks looking at PG and PF.  We've been more or less assuming that the Bucks would draft either a PG or PF, but now Tom Enlund's gotten Dave Babcock to more or less confirm it.

    "Your first rule of thumb is (you take the) best player on the board," said Dave Babcock, the Bucks' director of player personnel. "The next step is, if you view two or three players equally, you go with the position of need."

    And what position would that be?

    "It could be either one," Babcock said. "We want to get tougher. We want to get more athletic. All the guys we're looking at in this draft give us one or both of those."

    I appreciate the acknowledgment of the precedence of BPA, but then again that's not a foolproof scheme either--after all, deciding who's actually the best among top prospects is an inexact science at best and completely arbitrary at worst. 

  • Blair, Pendergraph vist.  DeJuan Blair finally made his in-person visit on Thursday.  Also there was Arizona State big Jeff Pendergraph, who would be a steal at 41 (especially if the Bucks go small at 10), but it's looking increasingly likely Pendergraph is gone by then.  Blair performed well according to Babcock, but the real x-factor is whether the Bucks consider his two surgically-repaired ACLs to be potential deal-breakers.

    "Blair is a guy that’s on our list in the first round," said Dave Babcock, the Bucks Director or Player Personnel. "He had an extremely good workout and shot the ball better than we had seen. And his body looks good."
  • Gardner: Bucks being careful with Bogut.  After initially misdiagnosing Bogut's back injury, the Bucks are clearly playing it safe with their $60 million man.  Bogut has been traveling (Milwaukee now, Croatia later) but he's a ways off from getting on the court and geting back at it.  Hey, whatever it takes to have him 100% by October.

    "The only setback is starting again," said the 24-year-old Bogut, who had to sit idle after being shut down in early February. "When you start again, you get sore and that's just part of it. I'm doing a lot of core stuff and you get sore from time to time. When you get really sore, you've got to tone it down a bit."
  • - Curry still talking to Bucks.  Early on we heard a bit about the Bucks' possible interest in Stephen Curry, but most mocks have had him locked into the Knicks at #8 (or higher) for some time.  Realistically he's unlikely to be around when the Bucks pick, but Curry indicated earlier this week to Chris Littmann of The Sporting News that a Bucks workout hasn't been ruled out:

    CL: Last time we talked, you mentioned the Thunder ...
    SC: Oklahoma City, Portland and ... I think that was it.
    CL: There was another one, the Bucks.
    SC: Oh, Milwaukee. We're still talking to all those teams. I don't really know what's going to happen beyond Tuesday.


  • RU: Ridiculous Mock Continues. We're not quite up yet, but Ridiculous Upside has been running their second annual blogger mock draft.  The Knicks just selected Jrue Holiday at #8, so Alex and I will be making our pick in the next day or so.

  • Bucksketball: Brandon Jennings, B.J. Mullens, Jordan Hill.  Jeremy has some quick hitters on potential picks.  Brandon Jennings had seemingly begun to shed his immature tag by keeping his mouth shut in Italy all year, but now he's talking smack about Ricky Rubio and every other PG in the draft.  C'mon Brandon, start working out for teams yourself before you start taking shots at other guys.

    Jeremy also mentions Chad Ford's report that B.J. Mullens might have a promise in the top 16--I'm with Jeremy in that I'll just assume (/hope) that the Bucks aren't on the other side of that supposed promise.