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Woelfel: Knicks to offer Sessions MLE by Tuesday?

There seems to be very little coming out of New York on this, but Gery Woelfel tweets that Ramon Sessions could get a mid-level offer sheet as soon as Tuesday. Woelfel has been talking to Sessions' agent Chubby Wells all summer, so I'd guess that's where this information is coming from, especially since there doesn't seem to be any leaks coming from the Knicks as far as I can tell.  Woelfel had originally said the Knicks would try to work a sign-and-trade, but it's unclear if they couldn't agree to anything with the Bucks or simply haven't tried yet.  As I mentioned the other day, constructing a sign-and-trade between the two teams won't be easy given Sessions will become a base year compensation player as soon as he gets his new contract.

The Knicks are also trying to deal with their own RFAs, David Lee and Nate Robinson, though it's unclear how those negotiations play into the Knicks' interest in Sessions.  Marc Berman of the New York post reports that Lee will likely decide this week between the Knicks' five year offer of $35-40 million and an offer sheet with the Blazers.  Robinson meanwhile has a reported offer worth around $10 million (including endorsements) from Olympiacos, though there's also been talk about him simply taking the qualifying offer of $2.9 million.

Sessions is currently in his native South Carolina for a basketball camp, and he spoke to David Wetzel of the Myrtle Beach Sun News about free agency and his NBA development.  Nothing earth-shattering, but it's well worth the read and provides his take on free agency, his time with the Bucks and his potential role with Brandon Jennings now in the fold.

"It's definitely tough, you know, I mean, but the Bucks giving me that qualifying offer means worst-case scenario I make the $1.5 million next season and [then I'll] be a free agent," Sessions said. "You know, we're just looking at it a day at a time. We're just trying to do things right and hopefully my career will be taken care of."

Sessions said staying in Milwaukee would be fine with him.

"You know, I played two years in Milwaukee, the two previous years, and I would love to continue my career there," he said. "You know, it's the business part of the NBA.

"But, you know, whatever happens, I'm just happy to be in the NBA."

The Bucks didn't have to offer him more than $1,000,497 to maintain their Early Bird (matching) rights on him, so I'm not sure if Sessions is simply exaggerating his QO amount or if the Bucks actually offered him more than was required. I hadn't even thought of the latter possibility, but I suppose if the Bucks saw a benefit in bringing back Sessions for just one year then it could make sense to beef up their QO a bit.