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Wednesday Notes: Knicks waiting for Sessions, Warrick interest, Meeks profiled, the Jennings family

Jennings on Jennings: Terrence scouts his big bro (from Paschketball)

  • Knicks playing waiting game on Sessions
    In New York, Tommy Dee has a pretty sound take on the Ramon Sessions situation.

    Apparently, the play for Walsh is to sit back and see what the Bucks decide to do with Bowen, who is rumored to be drawing interest from Boston. That means nothing imminent will happen with the Sessions situation from the Knicks for a few more days. I don't think anything of the Jamaal Tinsley rumors. At this point, it would make more sense to bring in Sessions or settle on bringing Robinson back on a one-year deal.
    I'm not sure what the Bucks would want from the Celtics, who obviously could also just sign Bowen outright for much less than $4 million if/when he's waived. That would also give the Bucks the financial breathing room they need to match a deal for Sessions, so it seems in both teams' interests to stand pat. Further complicating things are tweets from Chris Mannix and Gery Woelfel that the Bucks are inquiring about Hakim Warrick's availability. Warrick had his qualifying offer withdrawn by the Grizz (aka he got Villanueva'ed), so he's now an unrestricted free agent but don't expect him to get Charlie V dollars from anyone.

    As Dee notes, it seems like the Knicks and Bucks have basically reached a standoff: the Knicks continue to preserve their MLE by not signing other players, while the Bucks continue to maintain their financial flexibility by not signing additional free agents and having partially NG'ed players like Bowen, Weems, and Stoudamire around. Warrick was one of my fave college players of the past decade, but he's mostly been a role-playing PF with a penchant for high-flying dunks and a poor-to-mediocre mid-range game. Personally I'd prefer to risk the possibility he signs elsewhere in order to maintain the flexibility to retain Sessions, but if the Bucks let Sessions walk then a smallish deal ($2-3 million) for Warrick would be fine with me.  Justin at We're Bucked is like-minded.  It might not make the Bucks that much better, but we'd at least get some added entertainment value.

  • Bucks rookie Meeks a veteran of big time
    Truman Reed continues to be a beast for, cranking out so much stuff that I usually don't even get around to linking to it all. His latest is a look at Jodie Meeks, who seems to be settling right in with his fellow rookie Brandon Jennings.

    "We've become pretty good friends," Meeks said. "I think it'll just develop more and more and we'll get better and better as the year goes on.

    "I think we have a lot of chemistry on the court. I've found that if I find open places on the court, he'll get me open shots."

  • HoopsWorld: Jennings fan club
    Thanks to Brandon at BallerBlogger for the heads up on this very complementary article on Jennings by Mike Moreau, the director of basketball at IMG academies. Among the highlights:

    Sure, with his high school kid's body, he got posted by bigger guards. But as a coach, give me that guy who will get up and challenge and we'll get him help when he needs it. We can scheme and rotate for him when opposing guards try to post him by doubling immediately, and he can use his speed to beat the swing pass to the corner on the rotation. Problem solved.

    And I just loved his overall positive vibe, his smile and his enthusiasm. He brought energy that is contagious – the kind of energy everyone wants to be around. More than any player I saw this summer, Jennings looked like a guy who just loves to play. And he made his teammates love to play with him.