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Sunday Notes: Sessions saga, more on Warrick

  • Reno Gazette-Journal: Sessions still waiting
    Chris Murray in Reno provides another we're-just-waiting update from Chubby Wells and company:

    "We're really trying to shoot for Monday and Tuesday," Wells said of finishing a deal. "We have been talking with a couple of teams and we're really trying to get some clarification and some finality. We're shooting for early next week."
    As noted this weekend, you'd think the Warrick signing would finally give the Knicks the confidence to make an offer...but then again we've been assuming they'd make an offer for a couple weeks now.
  • Memphis Commercial-Appeal: More on Warrick
    In a story about the Grizzlies' decision to let go all of their scouts, Geoff Calkins also provides some background on the decision to withdraw their QO to him.

    Of course, who needs basketball people around when the owner doesn't pay attention to what they say? If he did, Hakim Warrick would still be on the team. Nobody on the basketball side endorsed Heisley's decision to let Warrick walk.

    Heading into the offseason, Wallace described Warrick as "one of the most potent bench scorers in the league." At the press conference introducing Hasheem Thabeet, head coach Lionel Hollins said he'd be mixing up the names "Hasheem" and "Hakim" all year long.

    OK, so that makes me feel a bit better about how we got Warrick in the first place; like CV, it's never a good indication when a team passes on keeping a guy over $3 million.  Still, no one's going to argue Warrick is a preferred choice as a long-term starter, which is the story of the Bucks' forward position: lots of interesting young talent on the cheap, but not a single proven NBA starter.

  • Basketball Fiend: Bucks 4th among "Hell Team"
    Patrick Crawley takes a look at the less glamorous side of the NBA, ranking the Bucks fourth among teams that "bring the most pain and suffering to their fans." Naturally, I'm going to focus on the silver lining part of the article.

    Jennings may not be a defensively-inclined guard, but he will get steals here and there, and his work on offense will be downright breathtaking. Having watched him in Summer League, I think the fans in Milwaukee are finally going to have something to get excited about. In my opinion, Jennings will average at least 7 assists and one SportsCenter-level highlight per game next season.

    I look forward to watching Jennings play next season, but unfortunately I can’t say the same for the Bucks. Even if Redd and Bogut stay healthy, they’re a 35-win team (with a $60+ million payroll) at best.

  • Young, Athletic and Cheap
    Jeremy reacts to the Warrick signing by noting some trends in the Bucks' recent pick-ups.

    Warrick’s signing is certainly more of the same that we’ve been seeing out of the Bucks all summer long. Athletic? Check. One year? Check. Young? Check. Can he catch a lob from Brandon Jennings? Check. In just over a months time the Bucks have gone from Charlie Villanueva, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Malik Allen and spurts of Joe Alexander to Hakim Warrick, Amir Johnson and Ersan Ilyasova. At the very least I see three guys who can be much better than they are now, and that is exactly what you want from a team that is focused on a few years from now rather than this year.
  • mIive: Day on the links with Charlie Bell
    Thanks to Patrick for passing along a link to an interview with Bell and Shane Battier at the Buick Open Pro-Am. Here's the most Bucks-relevant blurb:

    Well, I've been working out a little bit, not as much as I want to. It's been tough going back and forth from Michigan to Milwaukee, vacationing, trying to spend some time with the family but I'm trying to stay in shape. I got two months, August and September to go ahead and pick it up a little bit and I gotta come in ready because with Coach Skiles, if you don't come in that first week of training camp ready than, it's gonna be a tough one!
  • Celtics Town: Summer League awards
    Celtics town pegs Brandon Jennings as the draft's most overlooked player.