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Sunday Notes: Bogut's slow rehab, Redd back on the court, Charlie's drive-thru

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Charlie's healthy...and working at Wendy's.

Gardner: Bogut taking it slow
Any chance of the Bucks doing anything this season begins and ends with Andrew Bogut remaining relatively healthy, so I'm positively thrilled about the last two sentences of this quote from the main himself: </irony>:

"That's probably the most tricky part for people who have these injuries . . . rehab the hell out of it and get back and then a week or two weeks or three or four, you feel 100% and you feel you can (conquer) the world and can kind of forget about the things you were rehabbing. 

"Probably the biggest focus that I have is just making sure that I stay on top of things. There's still discomfort. It's something that's probably going to bug me this whole season and probably the rest of my life."

Ugh.  For what it's worth, Bogut's been generally sounding positive about his progress and there's no reason (yet) to think he won't be in the lineup on opening night, but that doesn't mean it's fun hearing this stuff.

FanPosts: Ranking the roster
Troy has a cool topic over in the fanposts--head on over and let us know what you think.

Flintstone: Redd cuts Bell
Well, not literally, but Michael Redd was back on the court this week (yay!) and it was Charlie Bell who got the worst of a pre-camp collision. Flintstone tweets:

Ppl keep asking wht happened. Well, mike played a little today. He cut 1 way and I was chasing him then he decided 2 change directions. U can guess the rest. Lol.

Redd is still targeting to be in the lineup on opening night, though how close he'll be to 100% is anyone's guess.  As you might expect, he's saying all the right things:

"It's been a really great summer for me. Body-wise, I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. And I'm hungry to play again, too. That motivated me all summer long."

It's September, so that kind of talk doesn't mean much--Redd seems a little better schooled in the art of telling us what we want to hear than Bogut--especially considering Redd only just got back on the court.  As for Charlie, he was chatting it up at this week as well.

RealGM: Hammond & Skiles Conference Call
Big thanks to PP25 at RealGM for providing a running summary of Scott Skiles and John Hammond's teleconference with season ticketholders.

Basketball-Reference: 09/10 win predictions
The good news from Neil Paine's first attempt to project the standings? He has the Bucks winning 34 games, the same as a year ago and I would hazard more than most "experts" are predicting. The bad news? B-R's regression systems naturally leads to tighter distributions than you'd expect to see, and so those 34 wins are actually worse in the East and fifth worst in the entire league. 

My main beef with the methodology is relying on HoopsHype for the depth charts--hence Brandon Jennings is listed as averaging only 6 mpg, Ilyasova less than 15 mpg, and Delfino 11  Anyway, I'm not arguing any of those guys individually make the Bucks contenders, but it'd be nice to have a more realistic representation of who's actually going to be playing.

ESPN: NBA to unveil official social media policy
Not that it really matters that much at the end of the day, but it sounds like the NBA's social media policy is going to be pretty realistic.

One source described the forthcoming policy as "very minimal" and "less stringent" than the guidelines announced earlier this month by the NFL, which now regards players, coaches and football operations personnel -- or any third party representing them -- to be in violation of league rules if they use social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook from 90 minutes before kickoff through the end of the standard post-game access period for media interviews.

Individual NBA teams, though, will have the right to impose their own standards that might be more strict, as seen with the NBA dress code where some teams in the past have mandated more formal apparel -- such as suits on team flights -- than league rules dictate.

This isn't as relevant to the Bucks now that Charlie V is in Motown, but the Bucks still have tweeters Bogut, Bell, and Jodie Meeks on the roster. Am I missing anybody?  Brandon Jennings used to Tweet but has gone stealth, which is just as well probably (he does have a ton of stuff on Facebook).  While Bogut and Bell are fairly active in using Twitter to interact with fans and other players, you'd be forgiven for not knowing about Meeks' page--it's pretty much the tamest, most mundane Twitter feed you'll ever see. And no Jodie, I'm not complaining.


ESPN Rankings: Bucks 29th
Don't count Marc Stein among the Bucks believers this season.