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Wednesday Notes: First day of practice, Redd and Bogut return, Jennings' adjustment

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Behind the scenes of Brandon Jennings' first media day

Paschketball: Video from day one
Jim Paschke brings you video reactions from day one of camp, with a focus on Michael Redd and Andrew Bogut's return to the court.  Unfortunately no game video since the practices are closed.

RealGM: Dan's take on the first practice
Our man Dan, the world's most valuable Bucks message board poster, was at the first closed practice and posted his extensive thoughts on pretty much everyone.  Read the whole thing, it's worth it.  Most notable is the positive reviews of how Bogut and Redd looked, and it's also good to hear Ilyasova continues to impress.  As I've hinted at a number of times, I'd love to see him claim the starting PF spot. Jennings was apparently less impressive, though he's the kind of player who probably needs to be in extended 5-on-5 situations to stand out.  Yes, I'm already starting to rationalize.  Charles Gardner has more on Jennings' long day as well.

Also on the down side, Joe Alexander missed the opening practice with a tight hammy.  You might remember that Alexander also missed the start of camp a year ago and it seemed to leave him playing catch up for the rest of the preseason....and regular season for that matter.  Feel better, Joe.

JS: Skiles emphasizes defense
Charles Gardner reports that Scott Skiles is (surprise!) preaching defense.

"We were trending at one point last year to be a high-level defensive team, and along the way we lost it a little bit. I'd like to see us be a top five defensive field-goal percentage team. I'd like to see us holding our opponents to a low number and rebound the ball; that's where I'm focused on right now.

"Because I know if you do those things, you will win."

There's a good stat in there about 94% of top five defenses making the playoffs over the past 10 years, so that at least gives the Bucks a vaguely attainable means of getting into the playoffs.  By the way, reflect on that a moment: a Bucks coach is targeting a top five defensive ranking without coming off like an idiot or hopelessly naive.   

Bucksketball: Media day thoughts
Jeremy chimes in with his thoughts on media day 2009. Media day pics
One random thing from scanning through these pictures is that Ilyasova is indeed wearing Ramon Sessions' old #7--and he's chopped the mop he was sporting at the Eurobasket.

SportsBubbler: Media day interviews
Brandon Jennings, Andrew Bogut, Michael Redd, and Scott Skiles talk to former Miss Wisconsin Caitlin Morrall.