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Game 37: Bucks/Warriors

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2009/2010 NBA Season


11-26 (7-9 home)
15-21 (4-14 road)
January 15, 2010
Oracle Arena
9:30 PM
Radio: WTMJ AM 620 TV: FSN Wisconsin
Probable starters:
Stephen Curry
PG Brandon Jennings
Monta Ellis
SG Charlie Bell
Corey Maggette
SF Luc Mbah a Moute
Vladimir Radmanovic
PF Ersan Ilyasova
Andris Biedrins
C Andrew Bogut

(19th) 106.4 - OFFENSE - 102.4 (25th)
(28th) 111.0 - DEFENSE - 103.8 (7th)
(1st) 100.6 - PACE - 93.4 (11th)


Golden State of Mind

News/notes after the jump...

Paschketball: Emotion is the grist of sport
Jim Paschke gives us an inside look at the Bucks' reaction to Mike Redd's season-ending injury.  Great stuff, and a reminder that beyond the on-court glimpses of the players we see on TV, there's a bunch of regular people behind it all.

Monday began with the cloud of Michael Redd’s MRI hanging over everyone’s head. I saw Scott Skiles after the team breakfast and he had his head down and didn’t say a word. That is very unlike Scott, so I knew there would be bad news later in the day.

When word came that Mike was done for the season, it was a forgone conclusion, but dullness was cast on the day. When we left for the game, Michael got on the bus and was greeted by everyone he passed. It was both charming and chilling.

You couldn’t help but wonder how many busses he would be on again. You only hope that he is right and that he can come back once more. It is a very uneasy feeling when a career sits on the abyss.

Inside Hoops: Meeks interview
Brandon JenningsSo 2009.  While Jennings is shooting just 27% this month, Meeks has finally gotten his shooting together a bit and is hitting at a 52% clip in five January contests, highlighted by his 21-point effort in Portland. Jeff Lenchiner at Inside Hoops posted a brief interview with the Bucks rookie du jour earlier this week.

Most people call me a shooter, but I describe myself as a scorer. I think I can do more than just spot up and shoot it. I can slash to the hole, get my teammates involved, pass it. So I'd say more of a scorer and all-around player.

"He's getting the same looks he got early in the season," Skiles said, "and he's able to go where he wants to go with the ball usually.

"A lot of teams are going under on his pick-and-rolls, so he can step behind and shoot most games. It's just a matter of making 'em."

For a while other teams were really making life tough on Jennings--showing hard on screens and generally trying to be more physical, but his struggles of late seem a bit more self-inflicted. We still see the streaky scoring ability at times, but for the most part the last month has been a crash course in mean regression; not surprisingly, all those struggles shooting the ball in Europe last year did mean something.  Jennings has also looked a bit gunshy driving to the hoop of late, where he's struggled to finish all year and has gotten plenty of rookie treatment from officials.  But that's also contributed to him getting just two foul shots over the past three games, a rate that has to improve.