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Bogut hoping to play this weekend, Hobson done for season, Jennings headlines scrimmage

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JS: Maggette practices, Bogut targets weekend return
In the topsy-turvy world of Bucks injuries, Monday and Tuesday have actually been pretty good days. Still no John Salmons (knee), but Corey Maggette practiced for the first time on Monday and Tuesday, Larry Sanders participated in Tuesday's open scrimmage after turning his ankle on Saturday, and Andrew Bogut may be close to seeing game action for the first time in six months. 

"I'd like to get one of the two on Saturday or Sunday, whether it's Memphis or Sioux Falls," Bogut said. "I'm going to wear a whole contraption on my wrist and arm, so it will be interesting to see how that works.

"It will be pretty much like a glove on my finger and an elbow pad, so I want to play at least two or three (exhibition) games."

It'd be nice if Bogut didn't need a "contraption" on his arm to play basketball, but if it lets him play and minimizes the chances of re-injury then it's hard to complain too much. In related news, Charles Gardner talks a bit more about the Bucks' injury problems in the latest video feature at the JS. Hobson done for season
Darington Hobson underwent successful surgery on his left hip on Tuesday, which had been expected for a while now. And oh by the way:

Hobson will undergo a similar procedure on his right hip later this year and is expected to miss the 2010-11 campaign.

Damn. Not that I was expecting to see much of Hobson on the court this year, but I was at least holding out somehope that he might be healthy enough to practice later in the season. Now?  All bets are off, though Hobson insists it's "not true" that he'll miss all of 10/11 despite what the Bucks have said. Awkward.

Gery Woelfel reported last week that only $190k of Hobson's one-year minimum salary is guaranteed, so it also stands to reason that he may yet be released now that a) he's done for the year and b) the Bucks might be looking for cover at center. I didn't expect Brian Skinner to make the team, but the fact that he's able-bodied gives him at least one major advantage over the younger and more talented Hobson.

Bucksketball: Open scrimmage report
Be sure to check out Jeremy's report from the BC on Tuesday night, where Brandon Jennings was the obvious standout with 18 points. It's also good to see Corey Maggette is wasting no time in living up to every stereotype we had of him.

Paschketball: Preseason highlights
If you haven't been following Jim Paschke's preseason reports, head over to ASAP. Jim put together video highlights and reports from both of last weekend's games and has been regularly reporting from practice as well, exactly what we need given the lack of TV coverage in preseason thus far.

Pick and Scroll: Previewing the 2010-11 Bucks
Akis Yerocostas of Sactown Royalty (and inventor of the Brock Ness Monster nickname) previews the 10/11 Bucks.