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A Graphical Look at Milwaukee's ORTG/DRTG

The graph below shows Milwaukee's running ORTG and DRTG from last season. Bucks_rating_average_medium
Data is courtesy of Click the jump for a bit of discussion.


  • It was only the 7th game of the season, so there was no consistent average established for Milwaukee's ORTG, but Brandon Jennings' 55-point game bumped the Bucks rating from 96.8 to 100.8. Surprisingly, the Bucks' 125.0 ORTG in that game against Golden State was not their best: Milwaukee threw up a 125.4 rating in a 127-94 win over Minnesota, plus a 125.3 against Toronto in a 117-95 victory.
  • It's easy to forget (I did) how rough the early season was for Milwaukee last year. With a record sitting at 15-20, having just found out that Michael Redd was done for the season, the Bucks had a -2.34 ORTG-DRTG differential. Luckily something clicked soon afterwards, and within 10 games the Bucks had improved their ORTG to almost 102.
  • The Bucks were just spectacular after acquiring John Salmons. In compiling a 22-8 record to finish out the season, Milwaukee maintained about a one-point positive ORTG-DRTG differential. They were as consistently good as they were inconsistently bad earlier in the year. They turned in a 100+ ORTG 20 times and eclipsed 110 nine times.