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Your favorite Buck

With Brian Skinner tonight joining Chris Kramer among the waived, this question gets dicey, fast.

As luck has it, there are three good reasons why, lacking Kramer and Skinner, each remaining player could be your new favorite Buck... Curiously enough, they are found here:

Andrew Bogut

Earl Boykins

  • Has enough poison in him to kill an elephant.
  • Listed at 5'5" and 133... and can bench press 315 pounds.
  • Blocked 12 shots in 2004-05. One season later, David Lee blocked 20 shots. David Lee was an All-Star center last year.

Jon Brockman

  • Positively likeable and followable.
  • NBA-leading 18.2 offensive rebound rate as a rookie last season.
  • Culinarily inclined.

Carlos Delfino

  • An abundance of endearing nicknames (thanks, palomba): Carlitos, Lancha, Del3no, 'Los, Cabezón, etc.
  • Positively lit up the Hawks for 22 points in Game Four, including this dunk.
  • Anagram (link-tip Sham): "Cordial Felons," an infamous group of alcoholic yet mild-mannered upper class criminals.

Keyon Dooling

  • Includes The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air among his favorite television shows.
  • Apparently can (could?) dunk like this.
  • The only "Keyon" in NBA history. The only "Dooling" in NBA history.

Chris Douglas-Roberts

  • Leading scorer on Memphis national runner-up in 2007-08... ahead of Derrick Rose (18.1 - 14.9).
  • Referenced the cartoon Recess prominently on Media Day.
  • Scored 31 points against Milwaukee and made more free throws (12) than the Bucks (11)... as the Nets dropped to 0-12 last season.

Drew Gooden

  • Ninth team is the charm (Grizzlies, Magic, Cavaliers, Bulls, Kings, Spurs, Mavericks, Clippers)...
  • ...has worn numbers 0, 9, and 90 in NBA career.
  • Plays the piano.

Darington Hobson

  • Second round lineage (Redd, Ilyasova, Sessions, Mbah a Moute, etc.).
  • That lefty shot.
  • Made the Bucks varsity team, after all, tonight.

Ersan Ilyasova

  • Turned pro at 15.
  • Draws charges.
  • Clutch in Sactown, clutch all year. Led team shooting 51.5 % from the field in the clutch last season.

Brandon Jennings

Corey Maggette

  • Made more free throws (17) in less than 14 minutes in a preseason game than the Bucks as a team made per game last season (15.4).
  • Once traveled six times in one play, got away with it, and then turned the ball over and fouled.
  • This ridiculous dunk contest dunk.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

  • NBA scoring champ Kevin Durant called (tweeted) him one of the league's toughest defenders.
  • Is one of the best defenders in the league. Also: The Bucks were the worst defensive team in the NBA the year before he was drafted. Then 15th his rookie season and 2nd last year.
  • Is a prince of his village of Bafia in Cameroon.

Michael Redd

  • Dropped 57... in a loss.
  • 999 three pointers, each one as a Buck.
  • Second round pick... fourth all-time leading scorer in franchise history.

John Salmons

  • Won 14 of first 16 games as a Buck.
  • Cool, calm.
  • No playoffs last year without him.

Larry Sanders

  • The rookie.
  • Started playing organizing basketball as a junior in high school.
  • 6'10" tall with 7'7" wingspan.