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Bucks cut three players, Tiny Gallon among them

Today, the Milwaukee Bucks filed for waivers on 3 players: Keith 'Tiny' Gallon, Tory Jackson, and Billy Rush. You may not have heard of the 2nd and 3rd names on that list. That's understandable, as both were added to the training camp roster shortly before it opened and didn't figure to make the final roster in most any circumstances.

But Tiny? The 47th overall pick in the 2010 draft? The questionably-named rascal who tweeted his way into our hearts from draft-day forward? The same Tiny Gallon who inspired a re-writing of Elton John's Tiny Dancer? Yes, the same. According to Yahoo! Sports, Gallon did not immediately issue a reaction to the move when e-mailed by the Associated Press, but did respond in the way we've all grown accustomed to:

Thanks to the Bucks 4 making my dream come Tru .. And the Fans and the Haters too.. But nothing will not Break ME!! #ILoveYouGod

As soon as Milwaukee selected him, most people knew Tiny would have to play his way onto the team. His perimeter shooting ability was certainly notable, but with questions surrounding his skill (and willingness to play) down low, as well as legitimate conditioning issues, it was always assumed that Tiny would have to perform at a level that forced John Hammond to keep him. Gallon was, unfortunately, not able to do so, and so fell victim to the crowded lineup assembled this offseason.

What was never in question, though, was Tiny's character. In what limited media exposure a second-round draft pick receives, Gallon always appeared excited and thankful for the opportunity Milwaukee gave him. In the end, Milwaukee has to move forward with the personnel that gives the team the best chance of winning, and there will always be those left on the outside looking in. Hammond thought it best to release Gallon now, thus giving him the best chance of hooking up with another team in need of his services.

If I may speak for the other authors and readers of Brewhoop, I'd like to wish Tiny good luck in his playing career, wherever that may take him. And as a reminder of why we were so excited in the first place, I'll leave you with this.