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Pistons 115, Bucks 110: Box-Score Reaction

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There was no TV coverage. There was no Wisconsin radio coverage. I had a concert to go to in the middle of the game. But that won't stop me from forming opinions based solely on after-the-fact web coverage.

Obviously this was nowhere near the Bucks team we can expect when the regular season starts. Three likely members of the starting lineup were held out, along with a couple other rotation members. Carlos Delfino was pulled shortly before the game for a "sore right great toe." GREAT TOE? What is a great toe? I've never heard it referred to like that before. Chris Kramer also remained seated the entire game after logging 13 minutes in Milwaukee's preseason opener.

It remains to be seen if Andrew Bogut could go in these games. I've seen quotes saying that if these were playoff games, Bogut would be in the lineup. Apparently he whacked his hand earlier in the week (you should see the other guy...) and everyone with a say in the decision figured there was no sense in taking a risk.

Hit the jump for a few points.

  • After opening the preseason with an 0-for-5 performance, Jennings rebounded to a pretty decent shooting night, going 6-13 with 3 treys. That equates to a .577 eFG%, a number Bucks fans can totally live with. It would still be nice to see Brandon attack the rim a little more with his quickness, but if his 3FG% improves even a little this year he should be able to justify launching 'em up. What's more, Jennings didn't turn the ball over once after giving it up 5 times against the Bulls.
  • Ersan Ilyasova did his best Corey Maggette impression, getting to the line 11 times and sinking every single free throw. Having been unable to watch the game, I can't offer much analysis on how he did it, but it was working. I can't imagine he had a jump shot going to the point that people were playing up on him, which leads me to believe that those foul shots were earned banging around under the hoop. If Ersan can learn to use his size and skill to draw fouls down low, he's going to become far more valuable.
  • Chris Douglas-Roberts isn't going to fill stat sheets on a nightly-basis, but his scoring ability was always the thing John Hammond coveted most, and it showed up tonight. His 18 points came on a relatively efficient 14 shots, although he did miss two of his four free throws.
  • Judging from the game thread, Gooden continued hitting his jumpers. Good sign. If he can establish a consistent shot, the middle will open up considerably for Andrew and should help his scoring, rebounding, and assist rates.
  • Larry Sanders is not yet an offensive weapon. At least not when he's on the court as a primary option. Still, he snagged 9 rebounds and blocked five shots! That's promising. One of them was apparently pretty cool. Probably promising enough to ensure consistent playing time once the season starts if he can keep it up.

I could say more, but as we all know, the preseason can only tell you so much. Tomorrow the Bucks travel north to Green Bay to take on the Bobcats at the Resch Center. It's anybody's guess who will play.