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#FearTheDeer Twitter Notes, November 23rd 2010

Chris Douglas-Roberts is doing deals and getting healthy, while Andrew Bogut has back spasms but isn't making excuses--just ask the Twitterverse.  

Badum Badudum badudum Jump!  Short one today, folks.  My apologies.

CDR-One week from returning

So while CDR has been MIA/half blind for the Bucks, he's had some "interesting" encounters....Such as with the man, the myth, the legend, World Wide Wes himself.

Dinner with WWW. My belt match my jacket match my sneakers.

Broke bread with Wes over dinner. All of our dinners consist of boss talk & power moves. Love this crazy ass guy.

Personally I think the guy is pretty sketchy, and he's probably already planning a television special where CDR announces he's leaving the Bucks to buy Twitter.  But that's a ways off, isn't it...

This injury & time off the court really matured me. Ole lady told me a while ago everything happens fa a reason.

Yeah, Bogut knew poking you in the eye would help you in the end, why do you think he did it?

I'm a read the Wall Street Journal & USA Today type of guy...not Media Takeout & World Star.

We got ourselves a true businessman.  Maybe he can replace John Steinmiller as the Bucks VP of Business Operations... Now we need to acquire a player/doctor who knows how to effectively handle concussions and we're set..

And now, the focal point.  I asked CDR on Twitter when he would return after a recent visit with the doctor, and his response was as follows:

@ like a week bossman

....Bossman?  I won't ask.  Point is, it'll be good to have someone who can actually sufficiently back up Salmons if he keeps playing like an out-of-shape, heavily intoxicated Kobe Bryant.  Nowhere to go but up,right?

Bogut not digging the Bucks start

...And neither are we. 

Gotta get better. 5-8 there is no excuse for.

Let's hope there truly isn't an excuse for it, such as injuries, specifically elbow injuries...

Also, be sure to check out an Andrew Bogut production detailing his summer of rehab....

Check out how my off season was getting through my injury!