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Word-Clouding the Bucks and BrewHoop


The righteous Hoopism crew created an NBA Team History Word Cloud like the one above for each team. The text size corresponds to the players who registered the most minutes as a member of a given team. You can download them in pdf format at Hoopism, or just gaze through each color-coded franchise -- a fresh visual through basketball history for your eyes in these times of bi-weekly wins.

The first two thoughts that came to my mind after seeing the Bucks Cloud: 1) Brandon Jennings started with the Bucks at age 20 and has not missed a regular season game. 2) How small will injuries keep Andrew Bogut?

I also couldn't help but flatter/imitate by using the Wordle technology to create a BrewHoop Word Cloud...


This Word Cloud is based on the current front page of the site, so it only captures the text of the last few days. Beware: Huddled in the lower right you can make out the words "many," "missed," and "mistakes" cornering the word "december."