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#FearTheDeer Twitter Notes: December 16th 2010

The Bucks' plan of world domination has not come to fruition yet, but we're on the case.  A new and revitalized Andrew Bogut has made a valiant return to......Twitter.  Yes, his most important duty is to supply me with tweets I can use here. Ah, what a life.

Even if Bogut doesn't get into the all star game for whatever reason or doesn't get recognized for "mainstream" awards (which would be really idiotic if he wasn't, but I digress), he does have a chance to win another award, the most important one of them all! The good people at have started an NBA "Tweeter of the year" ballot.

We're about to launch the voting page for the Tweeter of the Year award – to be chosen by HoopsHype readers.

You can pick who's the preeminent NBA player on Twitter. The winner gets bragging rights and a Tweeter of the Year trophy.

I assume the trophy will be a figure of Carmelo AnthonyHe deserves to be the figurehead for NBA tweeters.

And that's not all, there are four-count em- four, Bucks on the ballot, more than any other team. Chris Douglas-Roberts, the aforementioned Andrew Bogut, Brandon Jennings, and our very own Brockness Monster, Jon Brockman, who may or may not be a hoax. Exciting times.

You can vote here.  Do so promptly, as long as you vote for Bucks players, otherwise don't even bother.

Andrew Bogut is TRAVELING back to Milwaukee, and other amusing tales

Bogut has mastered the art of sarcasm.  Not a week goes by where he confuses people with his sarcastic trickery on Twitter.  Don't mistake this for sarcasm though, folks, it's only the truth.

Tough loss. Will be very interesting to check the film on certain little things.hmmmm. Anyway we are off and TRAVELLING back to Milwaukee!

Nothing to see here folks.  What are you implying?  That this somehow connects to a controversial non-call on a supposed travel by Manu Ginobili that led to a Bucks loss?  What are you smoking, and is it legal?  If you are referring to the emphasis placed on "Traveling," have you ever considered that he just really loves going back to Milwaukee?  Consider the facts! [/overthetop]

@ your followers obv dont have a big aussie in their life! Brockness monster no match for my pet Crocodile!!

@ no chance u havent seen a real croc in those pansie little lakes u go boating in down in wash.

Andrew has a pet crocodile? Can it take down the Brockness monster though? Probably not.  You can't really beat hoaxes...

It boggles my mind that some ppl tht live in Wi still poo themselves when driving in the snow Some ppl should be bannd from drivin in winter

Don't be hatin'....Okay, it's true, we love to complain.  Ban people from driving in Winter?  We can do that... just give me a sec...

Sources, who will remain anonymous, have told me that from tomorrow onward, Milwaukee will become warm and mildly humid during winter.

Well played, Andrew. Ah yes, a response to the infamous Alex Kennedy article.  Hmm...warm and mildly humid, eh?  Well of course,  Wisconsin winter just screams T-shirt weather. Img_0651_medium

Dinner with Turkish Thunder soon (Ersan), then off to see the Massage Therapist!

That had to be one interesting dinner table exchange. I feel sorry for the poor waiter/waitress who had to take his Ersanator's order.  "I kill you."

Sanders is a Dancer...s

I luv dancing, and I THINK I got a lil rhythm lol, I think my followers shud make dance videos and send em to me, might be a prize n it!!

Just in time for members of Brewhoop to submit their dancing videos.  Get cracking guys.  Me?  I'll let you guys handle it all.

Brandon Jennings replaces Bogut and turns out to be as indecisive on team loyalties as he is on the court.

Shout to Aaron Rogers QB for the Packers..... #westcoast

I'm sure Brandon and Drew Gooden have endless conversations about their Oakland Raiders, but I'm also sure even Brandon can sympathize with Aaron Rodgers, who is now going through Delfino syndrome.  Maybe he and Delfino can hang out sometime and discuss their massive headaches.

Who do I go for Wisconsin or Marquette??? Look at the Bradley Center Rockin right now

Wisconsin.  Next.

Move over Andrew Bogut I just did a interview for your country. Lmao jk

That's right Aussies, Jennings is now the face of NBA basketball in Australia, whether you like it or not.  Nah, as Brandon eloquently put it, "lmao jk."

Carlos sees the light...Far away

As Carlos Delfino continues to work with balance and vestibular specialists in Chicago, there still continues to be the question: When will he be back?  He was quoted as saying, "It could be a week, a month, or a year" which certainly could get a bit scary if it leans towards the latter.  There haven't been any major breakthroughs, but Carlos has tried his best to give us some positive news:

@ Chicago...still working on my rehab...trying to stay + & get better...There is light at the end of the tunnel...FAR but I can see it ! ;)

We wish you the best, Carlitos.