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Jennings gets MRI on sore foot, will miss at least one game

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As mentioned in our recap of last night's game, Brandon Jennings was experiencing some pain in his leg and foot following an awkward landing in San Antonio on Wednesday. According to Charles F. Gardner of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal, Brandon will undergo an MRI on the sore foot and will miss Monday's game in Portland. Depending on the test results, he may miss more time, although the fact that he has been playing through whatever injury is present up to this point offers some level of reassurance. In his place, Keyon Dooling can be expected to start at point guard with Earl Boykins coming off the bench earlier.

Obviously missing Jennings for any extended period of time would be a big loss for the Bucks. Regardless of any shooting woes that may hamper him, Jennings remains the Bucks' main offensive initiator and certainly its best ballhandler. He is one of just a few players on the roster who, at any given moment, can take over a game, even if it's mixed in with a few 7-24 shooting nights.

It's worth noting in Brandon's favor that this is the first instance of health keeping him off the court since being drafted. He started every single game last season and was generally a pillar of good health. Hopefully this is just an instance of a funky landing or bad cut giving his foot some trouble. Milwaukee plays the Lakers in Los Angeles on Tuesday, a game which figures to be pretty tough with or without Brandon.