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#FearTheDeer Twitter Notes December 2nd 2010

Not much to fear about the deer nowadays, but we can have our fun.  Today, we bid farewell to a member of the Bucks Twitter land...Oh, and he played for the Bucks too....At least we think we did. 

Bucks players have become noticeably less active on Twitter in recent weeks, except for one who's had a lot of time to spend on the interwebz after being sidelined with an injury.  And his reemergence is a beautiful thing.

Also, Brandon has his mind to December 25th.  Lets keep your mindset within distance of the present at least, Brandon...

Oh, and that Sanders guy, you know, Mr. 8 blocks in a game, he's a pretty funny guy.  Not that you would expect any differently of course...

R.I.P Darington Hobson

Perhaps you may still live on in Twitter, but as far as I'm concerned you're dead to me.  You betrayed us!  You left us for another team to go ring chas- Oh, the Bucks cut you.    Whatever. See you on some contender putting up double doubles nightly. OR WILL WE?!

Hahahah Don’t worry people.. Ill be back ! Its not what u think

I’m not going anyware

Hm...See you...back in a Bucks uni?  No, that's impossible, I mean, would LeBron ever willingly go back to Cleveland after...Oh, that's right, we cut Hobson.  Darn it.

Sanders is Sanders

He and Jennings make for a great combo, don't they?  I love him already.

Jennings is in the holiday spirit

Speaking of BJ, he's already thinking about red and green...And it's not the Bucks.

so much stuff i want for XMAS...

I have some things I want for Christmas, too, but please, Brandon, allow me to fill out your X-Mas list:

  • A FG% over 43%
  • Balance between passing and scoring
  • A +.500 record
  • Bogut to be back and healthy
  • Delfino to be back and healthy
  • Redd to be- Okay, it's not worth it.
  • Brian Skinner (Everyone should put Brian Skinner on their Christmas list, regardless if he sucks or not. Unfortunately, Christmas came early for the Bucks this year)
  • Gooden to not be Badd-en
  • Brian Skinner
  • People to fear the deer
  • Brian Skinner
  • Peace on earth
  • Brian Skinner
  • Salmons to be consistent
  • Brian Skinner

I put a lot of work into this, so I better get rewarded.

I'm a lebron fan tonight just for tonight though

Heresy, Brandon.  Everything I knew about you was a lie.

Its like ur ex girlfriend coming to your wedding. Fa real??? That was wack

C'mon, It's Mo Williams.  You know, Mr. "I considered retiring after Lebron left"? Mr. "Legendary Bucks Point Guard"?

Although, I wouldn't be too surprised if Mo meant this literally.  There seems to be some freaky things going on between the two...

Delfino nearly crashes Twitter

What?  It's probably at least half-true.  After Delfino left a game against the Hornets earlier this year with at the time was called a "strained neck," he's been out of commission both on the court and on Twitter (I'll leave you to find out which one is more important). We now know thanks to Palomba's wonderful report that he was not allowed to go on the internet, among other things, for a long time. Which is why Delfino's Twitter barrage has been so unexpected.  It seemed like every few minutes a new Delfino tweet would appear in my Twitter timeline. At the risk of ruining my sanity I'm not going to post every tweet, you can see for yourself.  However, there are some things to point out, such as that Delfino was giving away some of his jerseys to one person who tweeted a special word to him.

Also, we have some updates on his condition:

Great day for me...finally I star to workout a little. :) Still need time but feel much better

Good to hear, at the very least.