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#FearTheDeer and Happy New Year

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There has been a lot of sadness lately concerning the Bucks.  Not so noticeable on Twitter.
There has been a lot of sadness lately concerning the Bucks. Not so noticeable on Twitter.

Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away....

Well, the Bucks are 18 and 12. Carlos Delfino has gotten over his concussion symptom, John Salmons has picked up where he left off last year playing at a superstar level, and Corey Maggette has turned out to be just the scoring punch that the Bucks needed.  Everything has fallen into place.

.....We now return to your regularly scheduled programming, where what the Bucks have to say on Twitter is often more exciting than the games themselves.

Hopefully, the Bucks have some great New Year's resolutions in place.

Larry Sanders is still here

Lest you forget, Larry Sanders is still on Twitter.

I remember stuffin cookies in my diaper like Tommy pickles..I think I had a screw driver too lol

Larry Sanders is a rugrats character! It all makes sense now!  I loved that show when I was,and it's just so easy to imagine Sanders as Tommy pickles.  Ehhh, on second thought, screw that,  I think Tommy at least had a decent jumper.

Last minute shoppin is crazy, gud thing I decided to wear this Santa suit..yep a 7foot

Classic.  Sending out the Big Crazy Dave signal....

Corey Maggette has a good relationship with the man upstairs

Maggette has somewhat been a center of controversy so far during his time in Milwaukee, leading to some questioning whether or not he'll be sticking around much longer.  Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case:

I've been so blessed to have family friends and a relationship with the man upstairs.

Upstairs = front office.  Front office + man  =

It's so obvious, guys.  

Brandon Jennings continues to follow along

Brandon Jennings' injury is depressing for a number of reasons, but you can't accuse him of not being there for the team.  Not only was he there to witness the atrocity against Atlanta (sorry, Brandon), but he's been watching the games from afar as well:

Great Win Guys, have a great Christmas. Earl Boykins can't be stopped, great team effort tonight. Sac-town feared the deer. #bucks

We bout to beat the Lakers Huge Win for Us. They can't stop Earl Boykins....

Indeed.  Nobody can stop Earl Boykins, except the league apparently. 

Also, follow little Jennings:

follow my younger brother @tmoney032

We need to get one of them Christmas Games Next Year. #2011 Bucks we gotta make a name for our self's. #LOVE

Someday, Brandon, someday.  Good to hear you don't totally hate playing on Christmas, although I wouldn't care if you didn't.

Bogut continues to interact with fans, spreads the word of the Bucks

Bogut has started the brainwashing....Errr, I mean, Bucks fandom , early, It seems.  Bogut's goddaughter:

Bravo.  May she witness better Bucks times then in the past....

Bogut has also started something recently, known as "Bogey's Trivia."  It's simple, really:  Bogut asks a question, whoever answers first wins free Bucks tickets.  It was even trending in Milwaukee recently.

Going to do a ticket giveaway. Very, very good seats. Just thinking of what sort of trivia. Will let you all know soon.

Between Delfino, Jennings, and now Bogut, fan interaction on Twitter is something the Bucks have mastered.

Is it wrong i dont have a christmas tree up or any decorations?? #imthegrinch

Grinch Bogues?