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Trade Winds: Thomas, Ridnour, Warrick, Alexander available?

The Bucks understandably haven't been getting as much trade buzz as the Suns, Rockets, Sixers, and Wizards, but with just over a week until the deadline we're finally seeing reports of possible movement.  Most of the talk is around the Bucks potentially using their expiring deals to extract picks or upgrading talent, though whether the Bucks become a seller or buyer has necessarily been, um, complicated by their ability to stay in the Eastern playoff race. 

For the most part this just confirms what we already knew/expected, though the Murphy mention is somewhat new.  Murphy is slated to make $12 million in 10/11 and could cause some luxury tax issues next year, but his deal will be up in the summer of 2011, at the same time that Redd and Gadzuric will be coming off the books.  That will probably be a recurring theme for potential Bucks targets; while many teams are looking to cut salary for the summer of 2010, the Bucks are more focused on 2011 since they don't have any hope of moving Redd/Gadzuric in the next week.  To recap:

Woelfel: Warrick, Ridnour, Alexander available

Some people in the know claim the Milwaukee Bucks are dangling veteran point guard Luke Ridnour, who is having a stellar season, along with veteran forward Hakim Warrick and young forward Joe Alexander, whom the Bucks chose with the eighth overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft but have since soured on.

Warrick has been hit or miss, but that's about what you'd expect for $3 million, while Alexander will likely be stuck in Fort Wayne for the rest of the season unless he's dealt elsewhere.  Ridnour is the toughest guy to part with since there's no obvious replacement on the roster--Charlie Bell is the only other guy who can play PG aside from Jennings, so you'd have to pick somebody up or get another PG back in the trade.  Still, it's also worth noting that Ridnour has been coming back down to earth of late after a tremendous first 40 games. Bucks among destinations for Murphy

According to sources, the Cavs have made some progress in talks with the Indiana Pacers over power forward Troy Murphy. But the Pacers, like many teams, still want Hickson. The Pacers, a source said, are also in talks with the Milwaukee Bucks and Sacramento Kings involving Murphy and both teams can offer expiring contracts.

The Bucks already have a floor-spacing, rebounding PF in Ersan Ilyasova, but a move for Murphy has begun to make more sense when you consider how much Ilyasova has struggled in the last month and change.     

Sheridan: Thomas a fall-back option
No surprise here: Kurt Thomas is very much available.

Thomas, the 37-year old backup center/forward for the Milwaukee Bucks, has emerged as a fallback trade option for the few playoff-bound teams (including Portland, Dallas and Cleveland) open to the idea of taking on additional salary.