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Redd scheduled to undergo surgery tomorrow

The Bucks announced today that Michael Redd will finally undergo surgery to repair his torn ACL tomorrow. The Bucks had initially hoped to have the surgery done much sooner than last year, when Redd had surgery on March 3. No word on a timetable for when he might return, which probably isn't surprising given the conversation now seems more focused on if he returns.

Redd injured his knee on January 10 against the Lakers, tearing both the ACL and MCL nearly a year after suffering the same injury in a home game against Sacramento. There's no mention of surgery to repair the MCL, which I assume means it will be allowed to heal on its own. Unlike the ACL, the MCL usually doesn't require surgery.

As you're all painfully aware, Redd has an $18.3 million player option for 09/10 that he'll obviously be taking, though insurance will cover 80% of his salary once he's missed 41 straight games (and doesn't play in any games). Because Redd was injured in the 34th game of this season, he'll be covered by insurance for the last six games of 09/10 and all of next season unless/until he comes back. As a result, the Bucks have a clear incentive to keep him on the sidelines even if he's medically cleared to play, and his value as a trade chip will be highest as an expiring contract that's mostly insured. For that reason I have to doubt that we'll ever seen him in a Bucks uniform again, though it's certainly possible he returns in a new locale in 2011.

Either way, I think I speak for all of us when I wish Michael the best as he begins the long road of rehabilitation. Regardless of how you felt about his game--and his contract--Redd was the face of the franchise for much of the last decade and was a model citizen every step of the way. The value of having a team full of good people is easy to overlook, but as we've seen all too often it's not something to be taken for granted.