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Comparing Brandon's New Commercial

This latest Brandon Jennings Under Armour commercial has been circulating 'round the web for a couple days now, but just in case you haven't caught it, feel free to watch above. It's a bit of a docu-mercial, with a run-time of just over two minutes. A fresh and stylish spot though, fitting in with Milwaukee Bucks players' rich history of commercial stardom...

Consider: Eric Murdock was selling Bucks basketball like no one else in '93, I linked to this Charles Barkley/Robert Traylor Nike Camp Force commercial earlier this season, 2001 was our time, and no one will soon forget the first time they saw Ersan Ilyasova pitching Casper computers.

But there remains one commercial that stands a cut above, because once upon a very special cinematic place and time, Yi Jialian stole imaginations, minds, and at least a couple hearts through yogurt: When Yi's Milkshake Brought All the Girls to the Yard. And big-ups to Frank for the original review of the masterpiece.