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Playoff preference: Celtics or Hawks?

The Bucks still have time to move up or down in the East. But with 13 games left they trail the Celtics/Hawks by 5.5 games and lead the Heat by 3.0 games, so the five spot is looking ever more probable. [The Heat have a soft schedule, so this Friday's game looms large in making sure they hold Miami off] Which means not only are they seeing Boston and Atlanta a lot down the stretch -- the final three games of the regular season: Boston, Atlanta, @Boston -- they also are likely to face one or the other in the first round of the playoffs.

To review: Milwaukee has thus far split a pair of tight games with Boston, losing 98-89 in Beantown and winning 86-84 at the BC. Meanwhile, they lost 106-104 in overtime in Atlanta and beat the Hawks 95-93 last night in Milwaukee. Bogut beats up on Boston, Salmons scores on Atlanta.